11 May 2024 22:00pm
While in prayer.
GOD released me to tell of the revival happening in Pretoria South Africa.
The prophetic word as I understand it.
At that time I lived in Amanzimtoti KZN South Africa.
The prophecy 
“Coming from Amanzimtoti I will cause a revival to happen in Pretoria and South Africa and it will go into all of Africa and the world.”
Some factors beyond my control.
I was kicked out of a large church in Pretoria in December 1989.
GOD had said to me I am taking you out of secular church.
You will not find me in the church, you will find me in the streets.
However I found myself in Amanzimtoti, KZN, in South Africa.
I attended a large (very prophetic) church.
Still I had not quite understood what GOD is doing.
Again GOD removed me from this church (by closing this church down)
I found myself back in Pretoria.
I do not fit into church (apparently I am too radical) so I started a small home group in Johannesburg and one in Pretoria.
The one in JHB is constant and growing slowly.
The one in Pretoria was a total of three people (including myself)
After a short time GOD spoke and said I want you to change the time and day of this goups meetings.
We went to a Tuesday evening 
First meeting just the three of us.
A lady I have known for about 15 years contracted me and said she was backsliding. 
This lady was instrumental in leading the main person in the JHB group to salvation about fifteen years ago.
I had known that this lady was not in right standing with GOD.
I went to see the lady and she was properly Born Again.
Next meeting we were  six people 
After teaching this lady about the work of an Evangelist.
The next week we were eighteen people 
While this happened a group of school going teenages decided if we can get together and worship JESUS – well so could they.
This group grew to about ten in the next two weeks.
Then I remembered what GOD had said.
“From Amanzimtoti” – not in Amanzimtoti.
I have thought on this and realised that the revival South Africa so desperately needed is happening.
Our GOD is awesome 
JESUS / HOLY SPIRIT are my best friends.
The personal cost to myself is huge 
I would do it all again and again 
To see so many come to salvation and serve JESUS.
I give HIM all the honour, glory and praise 
Again our GOD is awesome.

Prayer Request from a lady asking for help


[07/25, 22:12] Sydney: These people take part in fishing competitions.
In August there is a big competition that has a fishing boat as a prize.
The lady asked if I would pray that they win the boat so that they can sell it and pay their debt.
[07/25, 22:12] Sydney: After praying this is what GOD said to tell the lady.
[07/25, 22:12] Sydney: GOD is busy with another way of sorting out all your debt.
It is going to be a real eye opener.
[07/25, 22:12] Sydney: This happened inside of 4 days.
[07/25, 22:12] Sydney: I believe that there is breakthrough coming for you and your family suddenly.
[07/25, 22:12] Sydney: OUR GOD IS GREAT, AWESOME!!!! A customer who we handed over came in and settled today. That is a miracle firstly. The bigger miracle is that he had to pay us and the attorney fees and interest. Well our attorney only wants R600 towards his fee, which means we received the actual amount plus additional…THANK YOU JESUS and thank you for your prayers my Oom🥰



(Afrikaans and English translation below)

Marinda Fourie skryf die volgende : Pastoor. Ek wil net al die Lof en
die Eer aan die Here Jesus gee!!! My C T Scan se uitslag en bloedtoets
uitslae gekry! Geen teken vd tumor op my longe nie! En ook dat Pastoor
eñ die gemeente ook vir my Gebid het.! Baie Dankie vir almal se

Marinda Fourie wrote the following
I just want to give all the praise and glory to the Lord Jesus !!! got
my C T Scan results and blood test results! No sign of the tumor on my
lungs! And Pastor told me the town prayed as well.! Thanks for
everyone’s prayers !!!

.Nella Swanepoel skryf : Pastoor wil ook net se dankie vir gebedes wat
uitgegaan het vir klein Ivan hy het herstel en is ontslaan uit I C U
uit al die eer en lof kom Jesus toe Hy genees volkome nie half jack

Nella Swanepoel wrote Pastor I also want to thank you for prayers that
went out for small Ivan he has recovered and was discharged from ICU,
all the honor and praise to Jesus he he has healed completely not half
Jack ,fully.



Past Anton v d Riet Testimony

Hi Sydney,

I would like to share this testimony with you and to other people, to show that we serve a miracle working living God and that He is still able to do miracles in our live today.

I went to pray for someone n Sunday  18 December 2016 in the ICU ward in Montana Hospital. His wife phone me and told me that he had an heart attack on Saturday 17/12/2016 and that he asked me to come and pray for him. The Doctor told him, after doing a sonar and blood tests that he had an heart attack and that their is some arteries that is blocked. They will do a Angiogram on Monday morning and rectify what is wrong.

I prayed for perfect healing and asked God to open all arteries , because He is God Rapha, the healer in Jesus name and that they will find nothing wrong when they do the Angiogram the next morning. I reminded God that He weaved this man in perfect condition in his mothers womb and that nobody, not even the Doctors know him that well. I declared that he is healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ.

They performed the Angiogram  and could not find anything wrong with him and was sent home on Monday afternoon.

I am praising God Yahweh because He is a miracle working God. Their is no one like Him. 

Mark 10: 27 And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.


Past Anton v d Riet




A Testimony OF GOD’S POWER

26/01/2016 15:49

Please get prayer group.

Major fire at st francis bay and fire already destroyed the shed at
Linda and my moms friends house and are now approaching the house. We
need a miracle

26/01/2016 15:51 Please pray now prayer warriors.

26/01/2016 15:54:02: We bind this fire now in the name of Jesus the
Christ. I command this fire to die now in the name of Jesus the Christ
the only begotten Son of GOD.

26/01/2016 15:57:06: Also prayed already for this. Goddelike ingryping
soos net God dit kan doen. Dankie Here.

26/01/2016 15:58:53: another prayer warrior.

26/01/2016 16:04:00 Our God is OUR only Hope! , as always God with
your help we believe your love makes possible the impossible’ thank
you for being with us when we are facing the seemingly impossible
situations God’ remind us of your love with this Major fire at st
francis bay, the fire has already destroyed the shed at Lindas house
and its now approaching the house! Oh God we are reminded of your
love’ Lord God and the possibilities it proclaim, only you can make
miracles, you are the strength of all hearts and my portion forever,
dear God, pull back the fire’ for the life of Linda and mom, hold them
in your safekeeping for we trust and believe you are in their Midst
right now’ thank you Father God in Christ Jesus our Redeemers name,
praise you God, we bind this fire in Christ Jesus name, Amen Amen

26/01/2016 16:07:59: Vader in die naam van Jesus Christus U Seun kom
ek na U toe en vra vir n bo natuurlike ingryping in st francis bay,
ons bind die vuur en stel dit kragteloos en alle planne van satan sal
nie tot uit voering kom nie. Danki Vader ons loof U. Amen en laat dit
so wees.

26/01/2016 16:10:05: Melinda From Saint Francis Bay report back. /
Thanks it already starts working. That’s just like my Jesus

26/01/2016 16:12:14: Only God can do the unstoppable. / From another
prayer warrior.

26/01/2016 16:14:01: Amen ! Vader U is n God van Wonders. Nooit Sal
ons twyfel in U werke. Amen. Praise the Lord Almighty

26/01/2016 16:15:37: We even have people from the UAE praying.
Awesome. Please share what GOD is doing.

26/01/2016 16:18:46: Amen, Amen. What a friend we have in Jesus, He’s
the one we aught to know, thank You God for Your Son, our rock and
redeemer, how great art thou, Amen. / awesome.

26/01/2016 16:46:06: From Saint Francis Bay. / Praise God. Fire seems
to be under control. They started to push flames away and fire and
rescue arrived with helicopters just after pray request was sent.

26/01/2016 16:49:59: The wind picked up and pushed the flames away. I
see I left out a word in the prev msg☺

26/01/2016 16:51:12: Our GOD is Awesome. The wind picked up and pushed
the flames away. I see I left out a word in the prev msg☺

26/01/2016 16:58:17: Amen. Praise God for all in the group and thanks
to everyone that helped to pray.

27/01/2016 18:54:45: Prayer warriors. Can we agree and pray for a good
rain storm to kill the remaining embers of the fire in Saint Francis

Thank you prayer warriors.




My Mom bought a second hand bed because Mom liked it.
From the moment this bed came into the house Mom felt ill and extremely tired.
After some days Mom spoke with me and said since Mom had got this base
Mom was feeling ill and very tired.
We decided to pray about it. After prayer we decided to ‘ clean out home.
We started from one end of the house.
When I stepped into Mom’s room I experienced a demonic attack.
We cast it out in the name of JESUS.
We continued to anoint our home and were satisfied that all was in
Spiritual order again.
That was yesterday.
This Morning Mom woke up and is feels great.
Our GOD is an awesome GOD and we give HIM all the honor glory and
praise in the mighty name of JESUS.