Other Prophetic Voices

Other Prophetic Voices


22 October 2020


Marc Bredenkamp 6 June 2016
The Spirit of the Lord says, to the church in the South, to the church in Pretoria, to the church in South Africa: The gates of Hell shall not prevail against you, no they shall not.
The Spirit of the Lord says: The gates of Hell shall not prevail against you. The gates of Hell, shall not prevail against you. For too long the gates of hell have resisted you, have defied you, have kept you out of accessing the plans of the enemy that you might strike him down. For his defences have been well established up until this time. His gates, yes, the gates of Hell, have kept him hidden, kept him hidden from your sight.
And therefore, after every attack yes, attack after attack, he would retreat and reside in secrecy and darkness beyond the gates of hell.
But now the Spirit of the Lord says in this hour, the gates of hell shall not prevail. For no longer shall the enemy’s secrets remain secrets. For now God says, I shall begin to open up the eyes of your understanding. And the prophets shall see, and they shall prophesy, they shall declare and they shall decree and reveal what the enemy is planning to do… decreeing a contradiction according to my will – and destroy him in it.
For in this hour, God says My Word shall go forth like a consuming fire, there shall be no place for the enemy to hide. There shall be no place where the enemy shall have ‘no fear’. For I shall take those who are called by My Name, I shall put My Spirit upon them and take them out and put them in My Spirit, and I will cause them to see, and they shall begin too decree.
And so I prophesy – For right now I stand beyond the gates of Hell – what is this I see?
No! No!
I command you to cease with immediate effect – every written requirement of the law that I see – yes – that which you have written against them, and every indictment, every accusation, every plan that you have written in your books Satan, written against My people says the Lord, shall not prevail against them!
Yes you shall, you shall obey. Yes! And I loose the light into the darkness, and I loose the fire of the Holy Spirit, Holy Fire that consumes every written requirement against God’s leaders in this nation. Your plans against their children shall not prevail. Your plans against this nation shall not prevail. Your plans to bring destruction and fear, shall not prevail.
Your plans to bring chaos, shall not prevail. Your plans to try and stop the momentum and acceleration of My Church shall not prevail says the Lord. For I say to you Satan, says the Lord God
Almighty, your plans shall not prevail. It is My plans, and My purposes, and My secrets that shall prevail says the Spirit of the Lord God Almighty – somebody shout Hallelujah.
The false fire, the false fire that you’ve ignited in the dark places, in the secret places of rebellion, in the secret places of anarchy. The false fire of religion, without the breath of the Holy Spirit – shall no longer be fanned by the fire of accusation, of condemnation.
For the ministry of condemnation shall begin to cease, as the ministry of righteousness begins to arise, driven by the breath of My Spirit. And where My Spirit is, there is freedom. For so it is, says the Lord, that I shall bring freedom, and liberty into My church, and they shall once again begin to understand, that My Kingdom, is not in food, is not in drink, but My Kingdom is righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.
And so it is in this hour that I shall cause the ministry of righteous to arise, and there shall no longer be a veil, a veil that covers their faces. For they shall, with unveiled faces, see clearly! They shall have a glory that shall never fade and they shall arise and they shall discover the great treasure within, and they shall discover the ability to go beyond, being hard pressed, but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair, persecuted, but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed, forever carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus Christ, that the life of Christ might be made manifest through their mortal bodies.
And so it is, the false fire, shall be overtaken and consumed by My fire, for I am a consuming fire for our enemies and once again flames as of burning fire shall come upon them and shall ignite their tongues and there shall be a speech and I shall put My fire in their breaths. And the Spirit of the Lord says My fire, My consuming fire shall cause My ministers to become flames of fire.
And so it is that My ministers shall go to and fro, yes they shall go into the highways and the byways! They shall go forth and I shall raise them up as labourers for the great harvest that I have allotted for this generation!
And so it is that My plans shall prevail. The plans of the enemy shall never prevail.
My Plans, My Purposes, My Will, My Destiny, My Future, My Life, My Love, My Glory, My Power, My Kingdom, My Rule shall prevail in the church, in South Africa, says the Lord.
Somebody shout yeah! Yes Lord – Yes Lord.

11 July 2020




Greetings to all the warriors of the ‘New Millennium’ – it is time for my voice to be heard once again in this Nation – and even to the ends of the earth!! I have not prophesied nor ministered for 14 months as the enemy desperately attempted to silence my voice and remove me from my God given destiny.

Now to those who have greatly resisted my words, your folly shall soon be made manifest for all to see!! The sound of my groanings and the anguished cries of my soul have penetrated deep into the earth! GOD HAS SPOKEN!! I MUST PROPHESY!!

Jeremiah 20:9 If I say, ‘I will not mention him, or speak any more in his name,’ there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot.”

Amos 3:8 The lion has roared; who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken; who can but prophesy?

I shall begin to remove the lid off of His secrets that He has shared with me for such a time as this!! I am not who I say I am to you, I am to you, who you perceive me to be. Therefore, only those who have the Spirit of Truth, those whom my Father shall draw, they will come and watch to see what the Spirit says. Those who are led by His eye, shall receive, and be equipped to survive that which is upon us.

In The year of 2012, once again the false prophets prophesied ‘the end of the world’. Somewhat agitated, I went and enquired of the Lord and asked him ‘how come I don’t know about any of this, why haven’t you shared this secret with me?’ Being my usual mouthy self, it would seem to many that I’m too flippant or familiar with Him. Nope, we are friends, and friendship with God is never initiated by us, but initiated by Him. And so there are times we speak as a man speaks to a friend!


From that point on God began to progressively reveal to me the next course of events for our lives, for Africa, and for the nations of the world. He revealed who the next President for South Africa will be, after Cyril. He showed me His Bride and the divide that was to come, revealing the true from the false. The rest I will reveal as He releases me!!

I saw and experienced first hand the plans of the enemy to capture both the ‘church’ and ‘Government’. How ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ would infiltrate, dominate and control by the force of divination, declaring that Jesus is the Christ, performing many signs and wonders and miracles, yet deceiving many! But, for those who have an ear to hear, they will prophesy the contradiction, and stop the plans of the enemy, if not …..!?

I have briefly glimpsed and listened to the utterances of some claiming to speak on behalf of God, who have in essence become nothing more than the mouthpiece of satan. They declare satans plans, but cannot decree the will of God. Devoid of any authority to speak a contradiction to the ‘satanic suggestions’.

Becoming companions to death and destruction, inviting them to come forth. I have seen how gullible many Christians have become in their sincerity. Many trading gossip for wholesome speech, assisting the accuser with his slander, and embracing the lie as truth. Their tongues causing raging fires from the pit of hell as multitudes say yes and amen! The love of money consuming many, with heart motives of self preservation dominating, while lovelessness clothes them.

I want to briefly share prophetic scripture with you confirming some of the revelation I received, that you might get understanding!When God shared the above with me, I knew exactly what the time was. It is imperative for every believer to know and to understand His time, to know that in 2012 we entered into the last of the last days.

The events I will share with you going forward are no longer to be prophesied, by some of that which was foretold, but is now to be recognized as being present. Those that have suffered ‘spiritual violence’, will rise up and take the Kingdom by force!

The following will equip you and your families in order to protect your loved ones and survive the hour. Therefore, those who have an ear to hear, they will be preserved!! You are to have no fear, as this is the enemies desire, to quench your faith, causing the many to see themselves as grasshoppers in their own sight, as we stand facing the giants in our land. So we will be in theirs also, for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he!


In His love,




2 Timothy3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. (KJV)

Dear fellow warriors, in 2012 God responded to an enquiry I made concerning declarations uttered by certain so called ‘prophets.’ He spoke clearly to me about ‘the set time’ and then began to progressively unveil certain events that would most certainly take place. Satans plans and strategy for the hour were also revealed to me, that I might prophecy a contradiction, together with Gods will for the Nation! (SEE *PROPHETIC WORD FOR NOW* – PART 1).

Two of the many secrets He shared with me, concerned the ‘last of the last days’ and a ‘definitive divide’ that would take place between the true and the false church! This I prophesied, but remained silent concerning the rest. This ‘divide’ will be spearheaded by the ‘voices’, that say He is the Christ, yet deceive many!

What God progressively began to unveil over this period was a total contradiction to many of the voices I heard then, and hear now. Forever vocalising satans plans, predicting rubbish, and revealing knowledgeable truth concerning individuals, by the spirit of divination!

These voices are bringing great deception to Gods precious people. They have begun to infiltrate some of the Churches in South Africa, not all. The problem is that it is easy to know the false when the false is blatantly false. However, the deception that is upon us is extremely subtle, and is spearheaded by those working great signs, wonders and miracles They call themselves ‘Prophets’.

Matthew 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. (NKJV)

The Nation is under siege and there is a satanic plan to ‘govern’ the Nation for the purpose of ‘monetary gain!’ The next President of South Africa is already being groomed! God revealed his name to me in 2019. I was initially excited, told absolutely no one, except three!

I was excited until I become aware of wolves, dressed in sheep’s clothing, encircling him, enticing him, and I became very distressed. I have not been led to speak out until now! My family and I were so viciously attacked, I departed from the church and ‘hid’ from Jezebel! Many believing I had fallen away from God – I MOST CERTAINLY HAVE NOT. Fallen, but not from God!!

I left the Church, told God to leave me alone until He and His leadership sorted it out! Rejected, despised, hated by some – wounded, weak, and discouraged, I fell away from the Church. Broken hearted at the attack on both my bride and His! I wanted to take my life, and for the first time I understood what Elijah had been through!

As a result I have refused to Prophesy until the leadership in the Church deal with the false allegations against me. The next President of South Africa now listens to the false!! I have met him, know him, and I pray this message gets to him before it’s too late! BREAK TIES SIR!! YOU LISTENED TO MY VOICE BEFORE, NOW LISTEN TO IT AGAIN!!

Any person who declares himself or herself a prophet, is ‘man’, or ‘self’ appointed, presumes to be a prophet, without God almighty Himself having personally declared to them ‘you ARE a prophet’, is a false prophet!

Anyone who may have initially been appointed by God as a Prophet, but has not dealt with pride, has an insatiable obsession with reputation at the expense of others, is a gossip, slanderer, fixated on self aggrandizement, with an over emphasis on the ‘I am the Anointed man of God’ syndrome, is most certainly at risk!

Those who are jealous and envious of another Prophets expression, having an unhealthy desire for mans approval, and would rather impress man than obey God, prophesies falsely, speaking in the name of the Lord, when He isn’t speaking, desiring to impress for fame, fortune, or monetary gain, are wide open for the spirit of divination!

False Prophets walk in step with familiar spirits and other demonic entities. Their foretelling of the future indeed at times does come true. However their source of information is from the demonic and ultimately the information that they speak actually subtly deters you from God. They often speak satans plans for your life, devoid of any plans, purpose, or the will of God!

What they foretell does not glorify God in any particular way. Rather it subtly brings more focus, more praise and more glory on the diviner or the false prophet instead of God.

False prophets, ultimately perform signs and wonders and preach in order for you to give them money. Their messages mostly focus on materialism, money, self-glory rather than on character, relationship with God or anything Christ-centred. They are part of the devil’s plan to subtly and systematically lead people away from God through deception and false doctrine.

False prophets, mostly speak or foretell of events that pertain to fear, disaster, discouragement, death and their foretelling of the future ultimately leads their faithful followers to have spiritual bondage and a condition of fear, hatred, anxiety, anger and dependency on the word of the false prophet, rather than to depend on the word of God!

Jer 14:14 And the Lord said to me: “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds. (ESV)

I will continue tonight and reveal to you what you can expect in this hour, how to survive it, and ultimately how God is going to use the true Church to deal with the perilous in these last of the last days. Including the awesome manifestation of His power to expose the false …. to you who once walked in the light and have made a covenant with the once light bearer, for fame, fortune, and ‘accuracy’, I speak a contradiction against your words of death! I will live and not die!

Here come a thing!

In His love,



2 Timothy 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. ( KJV)
For many years we heard great teachers share on the ‘end times’ prophetic scriptures, and it was done by many with great sincerity and incredible knowledge, shedding light on previously hidden and mostly obscured truth!
However, some of the teachings were presented as if we were already living in its time. Many of these marvellous teachings would often miss a scripture verse of great importance, as God would hide certain aspects of His ‘secrets’, until Holy Spirit removed the lid, revealing a Truth that’s always been there, at the ‘right time’, just previously undiscovered.
As a result of the Church so often being ‘out’ of time, the teaching of certain ‘prophetic scripture’ would often cause believers to become fearful and discouraged – many lost hope as they believed the ‘unseen future’ had arrived and was present. Hope cannot survive when consistently deferred; the souls of many became sick; His Bride seemed anemic, and the friends of the Bridegroom were few and far between.
With our mortal bodies ‘perishing’, and the spirit man being ‘renewed’ day by day, we finally got ‘there.’ It is at this moment, when we are no longer ‘out’, but arrive ‘in’ its perfect time, that our past afflictions seem ‘light’ and now begin to work for us – ‘a far greater weight of glory’. It is at this point that we move from ‘revelation’ to ‘understanding’, that we may ‘know’ the ‘things’ that God has prepared for those of us who love Him, from before the foundations of the Earth.
All Christ’s gifts are now fully restored, and 2012 is become the ’point of no return’ for the ‘beginning of the end’. When God responded to the question I had posed and replied, ‘Rubbish, tell my people it’s not the end of the world, its just the beginning of the end!’ He began to take me on a journey, progressively unveiling His plans and purposes for the church, giving me ‘understanding’, in order to assist and protect His Bride as she now faced the most ‘perilous’ of times, head on!
It’s important in the light of what I will be sharing with you during the days to come, that we look at what the scriptures say about that which God shared with me! The Holy Spirit, through the Apostle Paul, made it clear that when the hour was recognised as no longer being a future event, but recognised as present’, He wanted us to be prepared and to fully ‘KNOW’ the inevitable. In so doing, giving us a ‘heads up’ in order to be equipped, get understanding, and become the light shining in a dark place!
In fact, the Holy Spirit was so committed to making sure we understood what would occur in the last days that it is as if He points His prophetic finger two thousand years into the future and specifically foretells what will take place at the end of the age, which has begun!
The above verse begins by saying, “This know.…” The word “know” is the Greek word ‘ginosko’, the Greek word for knowledge. But in this verse, it is used in the present imperative tense, which means it is a strong command to recognize that there is something that must be known, must be recognized, and must be acknowledged. Having this knowledge is not optional; it is mandatory.
The verse continues, “This know also, that in the last days.…” The word “last” in this verse is from the word ‘eschatos’, which points to the ultimate end of a thing – such as the last month of the year; the last week of the month; the last day of a week; or the very extreme end of the age. In other words, the word ‘eschatos’doesn’t merely describe the last days in general, but the very ‘last of the last days’. In this sense, it also signified something that is final.
Paul goes on to say that “perilous” times will mark this final age. “Perilous” is the Greek word ‘chalepos’ a word used to describe ugly words that, when spoken, are hurtful and emotionally hard to bear. It is also used in various pieces of literature to depict wild, vicious, uncontrollable animals that are unpredictable and dangerous.
It always carries the idea of an action, place, person, or thing that is harsh, harmful, and filled with high risk.
This is the very word used in Matthew 8:28 to portray the two demon-possessed men who were so legendary in the country of the Gadarenes. It says,
“And when he was come to the other side into the country of the Gadarenes, there met him two possessed with devils, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way.”
The words “exceeding fierce” is this same word ‘chalepos’ This means the two demon-possessed men were like wild, vicious, and uncontrollable animals, completely unpredictable and dangerous. Simply being in the region near these men placed one’s life in jeopardy because these demonized men were ‘chalepos’’ – harsh and harmful, presenting a high risk to anyone in the region.
But why did the Holy Spirit forewarn us about these events? Were His prophetic warnings intended to scare or to fill us with fear? No! The Holy Spirit, as He always has done, wanted to prepare God’s people so they could be spiritually alert and ready to minister to people who suffer harm as a result of these perilous times!!
You and I are now living in that age and will be marked by “perilous” world events. I can assure you, that in Gods Sovereignty, He allowed me to go through a 14 month season of the most incredulous times, that I can now honestly say are simply a taste of the ‘perilous!’
Towards the end of the journey, two days before the president announced the lockdown, I had a radical encounter with God. He healed me from PTSD, grief, the intimacy of betrayal, and began to give me understanding of the things He had shown me. He lovingly began to pick up the pieces of my shattered life, revealing to me, that He had allowed me to go through this period to taste and see what many are going to experience in the days to come.
I was to learn from the good, the bad and the ugly, and equip His people, sharing with them the dos and the donts of surviving this age. To comfort them, and teach them the lessons learnt! More importantly, revealing ‘how to’ excercise our God given authority in dealing with the witchcraft that is being activated even as I write this note!
In order to prepare the Church to take in the greatest Harvest planet earth has ever seen, to protect her and to deal with the forces of darkness that shall rise up against her in this hour, and to prepare her for the Bridegroom, I must begin to share Truth!
Rather than hide in fear, let’s get God’s perspective about what we should be doing to help people who have been victimized. Let’s move out with the power of God and be ready to minister to those who have suffered harm because of the times in which we live!
You are going to find out how to recognise those who are the ‘carriers’ of the perilous! Finally, what the exceeding greatness of His power that will be released in order for us to deal with the witchcraft invading our homes and the church!
In His love,
2 Timothy 3:2 For men shall be…boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents….(KJV)
Dear warriors, I have been sharing ‘Prophetic Insights’ I began to receive from God as of 2012.
The aspect of the above revelations I’m presently sharing on, for now, is mainly the response I received upon enquiring regards ‘the end of the World’ whatever, that was being prophesied in 2012!! He responded, ‘RUBBISH, TELL MY PEOPLE, ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD, ITS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE END.’
He progressively began to reveal ‘secrets’ concerning those of us who live in the present age, ‘the last of the last days’, as well as certain events that would affect His Church, the Nation and the next President of South Africa. After prophesying the coming of a ‘definitive divide’ between the true and the false Church, I was viciously attacked, the likes of which I had never encountered before.
During the last 14 months, I fell away from the church, after 30 years of loyal service, hiding in the cave of loneliness, depression, discouragement, hurt, and despair. I found myself wrestling with the beast of hatred and death.
I eventually overcame because of the love and goodness of God, revealed to me by a few. A radical encounter with the Christ, just before the lockdown   ensued, brought healing, comfort and peace. And so began a journey of illumination, in order that I might share His next course of events with you!
The Holy Spirit wants us to know, beyond any reasonable doubt that we have crossed an invisible prophetic line and have now entered into the ‘LAST OF THE LAST DAYS’ Although the world is sinking deeper into fear and darkness, primarily because of the rise of the  ‘FALSE CHURCH’ this is our finest hour as the true children of God. Those who are a part of the ‘TRUE CHURCH’
Think of it – God considers you well able to live for Him and to fulfil His purpose for your life, even in the midst of these perilous last days! Embrace the honor of that position in His plan, and determine to trust Him with your life and be who He needs you to be every moment of the day!
Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Paul wrote and revealed what the Church would look like in the last days, only for a short season, then …….😬 ….It will be filled with people who are … boasters, proud, disobedient to parents…” (2 Timothy 3:2).
This list describes those who will be the ‘carriers’ of the ‘perilous’ and will be exerting the most dangerous form of witchcraft I have ever witnessed or experienced! Christians are the subject God has in focus in these verses.
Let’s begin today with the word “boasters.” The Greek word used here is the ‘alazon’ — a word that is only used in the New Testament twice: in this verse and in Romans 1:30. It expresses the idea of someone who is a braggart or boaster. However, this person is not just a braggart — he is a liar, for the Greek word ‘alazon’ actually represents a person so committed to his own self-promotion goals, and agenda that he is willing to exaggerate, overstate the facts, stretch the truth, embellish a story, and even lie if it will get him the end result that he desires.
Today we call this situational ethics: adjusting your morals, beliefs, and convictions to fit any situation. In essence, it is doing and saying whatever you must in order to further your agenda, even if it clashes with your conscience or convictions, or the Word for that matter!! Even if you must agree with the lying narrative and personal views of your wife to bring false accusations and bear false witness to protect your reputation!!
The word “proud” is the Greek word ‘huperephanos’, which is a compound of the words ‘huper’ and ‘phanos’. The word huper means above or depicts something that is superior. The word phanos means to be manifested.
When the two words are compounded, the new word depicts a person who sees himself as above the rest of the crowd.
This represents an arrogant, haughty, impudent, snooty, high-and-mighty, insolent attitude that thinks it is intellectually advantaged and therefore has the right to set the agenda for everyone else.
Paul elaborated by telling us that these high-minded, immoral agenda-setters will also be “blasphemers.” The word “blasphemers” in Greek is the word ‘blasphemeo’, which can refer to blaspheming God, but most often means to speak evil of, discourteously, slanderously, and reproachfully, or to rail against,  by bringing abusive, debasing, degrading accusations against those with whom one does not agree.
This is exactly what happened to me, and absolutely describes the narcissistic attitude of those who brought reviling accusations against me, and even though I could disprove most of the  allegations, then and now, the response I got in an email was, “There is nothing that you can say that will cause us to change our minds!!” The destruction that ensued was horrific!
Paul further prophesied it would produce an emergence of “disobedience to parents.” The word “disobedient” in Greek is the word ‘apeithes’. The root of this word is peitho, which means to persuade. However, with the Greek prefix ‘a’ attached to the front, this word apeithes takes on the opposite meaning. It carries the idea of being unpersuadable or uncontrollable and thereby unleadable.
Thus, the phrase “disobedient to parents” in Second Timothy 3:2 actually carries the idea of children that parents can no longer persuade, control, lead, or exercise authority over.
In the light of the above scriptures, it’s pretty obvious as to the ‘how’ I was effectively estranged from my children! Despite the best efforts of the enemy, my children are once again beginning to make contact- my son wrote the following just recently:
“Dad please be careful with this whole covid 19 thing now… I know some people that are losing their friends and family. So please be careful.
I love you you very much dad. Where can I follow your new ministry?
Hopefully we can catch up on video call later today dad.
Miss you more than you can imagine.”
My season in the cave is coming to an end! God has strengthened me, encouraged me and spoken about my next season of ministry!
Those of you who are reading this, NO FEAR, GOD IS FOR US, HE IS SOVEREIGN, AND HE BELIEVES IN YOU!
Once we have identified the primary  ‘carriers’ of the ‘perilous’, we will look at how the Church will be responding according to His word!!
In His love,

11 July 2020

Received from Jen via Whatsapp:

Good evening Syd.. I trust U&The Family are doing well. Plzz🙏🙏be so kind 2guide me on my below vision if possible, highly appreciate🙏❤️

Vision dated

11th of July 2020 My Life Journal

While Prophet Gabriel was teaching and prophecying over us during the Prophetic session on Facebook. At a specific stage he decided to pray for us. When I closed my eyes I saw 4human beings… With black baraclavas over their faces busy picking up stock/boxes placing it into the back of something like a station wagon or bakkie?? I’m not sure into what bcz I just kept my focus on these individuals covered with the black baraclavas and I didn’t like what I saw and sad to myself what is this. I immediately bind it and send it back to dry and arob places in the Name of Jesus 🔥🙏🙌

I had a bit of a break for an hour and a half……relaxing before…
I went to pray at 1h00am but were strugling to do so. I decided to search for good worship songs but nothing thrickered me. It went on like that till 2h05am. I than decided to listen and watched the conference of….

“Michael Koulianos Jesus’16
Holy Spirit Touches the people”

The Prophetic service was so awesome. It felt so real to me while watching that it felt I was there physically. The presence of God was so tangible there as well as by me. I felt and experienced the fire of God✝️🛐🔥🔥❤️At 3h30am whn I entered my dark bedroom coming from my Son’s room, where I prayed to go and sleep.
I saw something like a thick white cloud over my husband where he was laying and sleeping on the bed. When I got onto my bedside I still saw a smaller version right underneath the roof where the fan light hangs. I couldn’t sleep at all. My brain was so awake that I could go and work.. While I was still looking around in our bedroom I could still see here and there a few patches of clouds fading until the room looked still slightly a bit smokey.

19 February 2020

Received from JD:

*What Jesus suggests if your are a victim of land grab or any unrighteous act*

If u truly trust Jesus let them take your land/possessions – do not waste time on physical possessions – trust in Jesus
Whatever is stolen by the devil through the unrighteous 7 fold restoration for you
Jesus cannot bless the person/land/anything if it was taken unrighteously
Blessing is greater than material wealth
When the unrighteous take they can no longer be in the unshakable kingdom – kingdom of God
They will shake to their core
Hold your peace n let our lord fight 4 u – enjoy the show
Our lord will Avenge his just/righteous
Unrighteous wealth – Though the unjust/unrighteous may heap up silver as the dust, and prepare raiment as the clay;
They may pile it up, but the just/righteous will wear it, And the innocent/righteous will divide the silver. Job 27:16-17
Evil pursueth sinners/unrighteous: but to the righteous good shall be repayed Pro13:21
A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner/unrighteous is laid up for the just/righteous. Pro 13:22

The greatest gift u will get from this act is more than the physical world can offer you a deeper trust, relationship ,fellowship n friendship with Jesus
This is the greatest gift ever given it is yours forever
Materialism is worthless
Do not lose Sight of the Ultimate prize – the Forever prize

As we release this the heavens are opening Physically n Spiritually 4 all the Righteous of our Lords, who are with him Fully in heart and application/ action
Be not only hearers but doers
Now Go strong in the fire n might of this word and make it happen
Revival/Thrival is at hand Time to turn the world inside out n show who Jesus Really is
Time to Lead/Show the way
We are with u always

13 November 2019

Received from Sorika Norton:

“Hallo my Oom!

Hope you are well!

I have to tell you what happened last night while praying. I am humbled and thankful to our Lord Jesus for showing me this and I have to share it.

I started praying for South Africa.

I only said “Lord Jesus I pray for South Africa” but could not complete the rest of the prayer as the following happened:

I saw an angel beautifully dressed in white, his wings was not spread but tugged in (if you know what I mean), his head bowed down fully covered and his face obscured, both his hands firmly resting on the handle of a sword with the point on the ground.

He was standing on what looked like a rubbish dump filled with rubbish.

The next moment the angel lifted the sword and bumped it hard on the ground and in an instant a bright ripple effect appeared.

The rubbish was gone! He was now standing on clean level ground, nothing else just the angel standing in the same position and the complete cleanliness around him.

The next moment I saw as far as the eye can see people approaching in unity all dressed in war clothes, like in a battle almost like the Roman soldiers (if you know what I mean).

It looked like one person but copied and pasted….identical in looks, identical in movements all with heads obscured so I could not make out whether it was man or women, nor race.

All at once they all bend down on one knee with heads bowed down and all of them holding their swords, both hands firmly holding the handle of their swords.

I was stunned to say the least, the first thing I did was trying to remember what movie or show did I watch on TV that will make me think of this, but I realised I watched America’s Got Talent and there was nothing like that on TV.

So I prayed and asked the Lord to please show me in His Word what this means and he gave me Zephaniah 2:5-7

I read through it and I am humbled that the Lord answered me directly and confirmed that I did not imagine what I just saw.

Verse 7: And the coast shall be for the remnant of the house of Judah; they shall feed thereupon: in the houses of Ashkelon shall they lie down in the evening: for the LORD their God shall visit them, and turn away their captivity.

I was intrigued by what I’m reading so I read the complete chapter and my “ah ha” moment is clearly printed in verse 12 and I no longer doubted that I was just day dreaming, remembering a similar movie or making this up:

Verse 12: Ye Ethiopians also, ye shall be slain by my sword.

I have 2 theories to this from my little human brain as follows:

1. The angel is standing amongst all the rubbish currently going on in South Africa, murder, corruption, race hatred, etc. God is going to do something in South Africa that will make the whole of SA to bend the knee before God and serve him unconditionally. Could be the earth quake you told me about?

2. The angel is giving the sign to all children of God to put on the Armor of God and get ready for the battle has begun.

I am not a prophet, nor a pastor, so I would really appreciate your input in this please.

I tried to find images of what I saw but I simply cannot find even one picture to describe exactly what I saw.

Love you always “