6 April 2023

The Kingdom of GOD (1)
Does not come by observation
Luke 20:17-……..
For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.
1 Corinthians 4:20 NIV
We are somewhere in the future and (out side of time) and we look much better (are much better) than we look right now.
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation (new species) has come: The old has gone, the new is here!
2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV
This gives us the power of HOLY SPIRIT to call what is outside of time into time 
Calling things that are not as though they were
GOD is outside of time.
We are inside of time.
When we are born again me again get to have access to the Spirit world that GOD exists in.
This study puts me in a place where I lack the words, however by the demonstrated power of GOD it is the best explanation of having access to the Spirit world and the power of GOD.
We (Adam was created) were created in the image of GOD.
But we are no longer created in (the Spiritual image) of GOD.
For all have sinned and come short of the glory of GOD.

27 March 2023

The parable of the mustard seed
I was given 9 city blocks to build a church.
This offer included the city planners everything needed to build this church
It would have been the biggest church in Africa if not the Southern hemisphere.
All I needed to do was give how I wanted things.
GOD asked me
“What are you doing?”
I quoted the parable of the mustard seed to GOD.
Then GOD asked me what is a mustard seed supposed to become?
This was in the days before cell phones
To find the answer I spent almost a whole day in a library.
The answer I found
A mustard seed is supposed to be a bush.
Then GOD asked me about the fowel of the air.
I found that this the prince of the power of the air and it was what held back the answer that Gabriel was to bring to Daniel.
So I chose not to go ahead with the offer.
I chose to reach people one on one and do home groups.
More than 200 home groups have been started.
Thousands have been discipled.
Many have become successful in ministry themselves
Personally I think more has been done for GOD and HIS Kingdom than the proposed church.  I give GOD all the honour, praise and glory in the name of JESUS the CHRIST

7 July 2023

I dreamt I was in my bedroom when I saw the cobweb against the wall, when I looked closer, I
could see the spider in the center of the web. I told my husband about the spider and asked
him to fetch the doom. While he was out of the room, I started seeing spiders and spider webs
everywhere. There were large spiders, small spiders, black ones, brown ones, hairy ones and
long-legged ones. Then I looked toward the bathroom and there was a curtain of spider webs,
it now crossed before the door of the room, bathroom, and passage. All the rooms were
blocked by these spiders and their webs. We tried to get rid of the spider webs but were not
successful. I remember at one stage showing my husband a spider which was extremely large
and colorful. By now we were surrounded by spiders and spider webs. There was no way out.
In my quiet time with God this morning, I asked God to reveal the meaning of my dream and I
then spoke to God and started questioning what the purpose is of the spider and why they
weave their webs, and then I realized that the spider catches it’s prey then he weaves the web
around it so as not to escape and then to be eaten alive.

The dream
There is more to it than I said to you.
The bride of CHRIST is caught in various spiders Webs
The so called “adjusted truth”
A bride of satan infiltrated with the book
“He came to set the captives free”
He satan is a deceiver and can not tell the truth.
He is father of all lies.
The bride of CHRIST lacks discernment.
This bride has been decieved and conned untill she has found herself in the spiders Webs of lies.

The Kingdom of GOD is not of words but of Power.

JESUS preached the gospel of the Kingdom.
He told us in the Great commission to preach the gospel of the Kingdom.
I said to GOD
“If there is no power then there is no point”
Moses put it to GOD in this way
“If your SPIRIT does not go with us then we are not going.”

In my view the most powerful demonic entities is jezabel
It is the only place that I find two demonic entities working together.
These entities have destroyed many ministry’s and people.

 In our modern world these people are called narcissists
Our BIBLE called it jezabel

The attack from satan himself on my life have been horrendous to say the least.
I was around 25/26 when I sorted out my relationship with GOD.
Around this time satan personally came to kill me.
He had his hands around my throat I could almost not breath.
For around 4 hours I struggled with him.
Eventually in my mind I said to GOD.
If you don’t help me to say the Name JESUS then I can’t say it.
I have never been able to speak softly before or since.
But the moment that I got the name of JESUS out satan fled.
The stupid basted came back the next night
This time I invited him to come to me.
I then said JESUS before he could touch me and he fled.
The third evening when he arrived I asked him if he had not learned yet that the NAME of JESUS is all powerful, was he stupid to think that I would not use this NAME
Then I said “JESUS!”
He has not come again
Instead he sent various people to try to destroy me.
Mostly close family.

Last year I had to deal with the “mad man of Gedara”
He was naked and broke everything in his way.
He is now free and in his right mind.
He had more syndromes than the people at Weskoppies could deal with.
Now they cannot find anything wrong with him.
Our GOD is awesome

There was a man named Rassie Erasmus who had an awesome call on his life
This man’s comment
“My brother’s and sister’s have killed me.”
Religion is demonic.

True religion is to take care of the widows and orphans

When GOD called me a long time ago
HE said
“I have given you the power to plant and to build.
However I want to know what are you going to build?
MY Kingdom or your empire?”
My response was
It is my intention to build your Kingdom
But how will I know the difference?
HIS response
“If you cannot give it away then it is your empire”

Then GOD began to share with me HIS heart.
How satan has twisted the truth ever so slightly and made it the doctrines of demons.