About Sydney

Sydney N Mitchell - Reshan 888

Reshan represents the name given to Sydney as the first born son in his family while 888 is a Hebrew value of the name of Jesus, Sydney’s Lord and Savior, that is why he was given this name for his ministry works.

Sydney has been involved with ministry for decades and has devoted his life to teaching the message of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to touch God’s people. Sydney is a speaker, author and prophetic voice in South Africa. He is committed to bringing revival to South Africa and believes that if we trust in God and educate ourselves on His Word, we can transform ourselves, others, our nation and the world.

Sydney believes that the best way to experience God is to spend time in the Word and communicate with the Holy Spirit. At the many gatherings he has attended miracles, signs and wonders have followed.

Sydney together with his wonderful wife, Megan Mitchell. have dedicated their lives to spreading the Word of God and uplifting believers. The two of them currently reside in Pretoria, South Africa.

God's not a religion. God is a living being, he has emotions and He wants to have a relationship with you. It's time to sincerely seek God and walk with Jesus.

Sydney Mitchell