18 May 2024
I heard GOD say
“I AM about to loose my special forces on the earth
Michael the Arc angel will be with ME and legions of angels that are ministering Spirits.
MY five fold ministers are in it to win.
I have released MY Apostles and Prophets are ready for battle.
Many nations will find their rulers in disarray and falling to regime change.
MY enemy has done as good as he could.
Now I set up a standard against him and those who follow him.
It has begun.
15 April 2024 
A few things that perhaps we should remember and see to put things into perspective.
Thabo was elected to his second term as president.
This was when Jacob Zuma started to bring in corruption and the destruction of South Africa.
This was exactly 20 years ago.
However GOD is going back to this time.
This is what GOD whispered in my ear.
There has always been corruption and underhanded dealing in this government.
At this time things began to turn for the worse.
Now I AM restoring my remnant.
What has been taken and stolen from this time poor laws, wrong decisions, the implementation of socialism and the  destruction of the family unit to remove the ‘husband’ as the head of the home and removing the ‘husband’ as the bread winner.
This is not MY order that I established.
I am bringing back MY order.
I have placed some into the ‘Office of the Prophet’ (also known as governmental prophets.)
This month (15th April 2024) the reverse of all that has set itself against ME.
It is time and it has begun.
Do you (Da Saint ) recall in 1990 when I spoke about South Africa through your mouth. 
Do you recall saying 
“Watch not what has fallen – looks at what remains standing.”
I said I would bring about revival and a great harvest.
This is the time, it has begun.
8 February 2024
In my understanding
From Amanzimtoti GOD will send to  Pretoria and from Pretoria out to all over the world.
This move is so big that people from all over the world people will come to Pretoria to catch the fire and take it back to all over the world.

Prophecy 2023

27 December 2023
As MY SPIRIT enters the earth.
Many are found to have darkness in their souls.
The place that has held them in double mindedness, rebellion and resistance to MY work in them.
I AM breaking down everything that sets itself against MY Word in their souls.
No darkness will be found in them
The Bride that is required for MY SON has to be without Spot on blemish.
I AM known as light. 
Darkness cannot hold down MY light. 
Now I destroy all darkness in the soul, I blot it out with the blood of MY SON JESUS the CHRIST every spot and blemish.
No more double mindedness.
No more rebellion.
No more descension.
No more resistance to my process of making them whiter than snow.
I have spoken 
This is what I require
It is being done now.

15 December 2023

The year of 2024 and much, much more.
This is the year that I have chosen to restore and show more.
It is also the year of, NO MORE.
NO MORE of the same old same old
I have instructed MY Angels to begin to open the windows of Heaven 
I AM in the process of pouring out MY blessings and you will find that you will not have room enough for what I AM pouring out.
Everything that can be shaken is beginning to shake.
There will be fire in the streets, earth quakes, eruptions, tsunamis, floods, disasters and drought.
As I invade earth with my presence the shaking will be seen.
The financial system is also going to see this great shaking.
However MY people will not be affected.
It is time to hang the corrupt on their own gallos.
Jezabel OH Jezabel I would that you had repented but you have refused. 
I gave you time to reconsider but you keep refusing.
Now is the time that I am removing you.
Your destruction has been great, Oh but now the fall.
One last moment to repent.
MY house is being restored
The latter house by design must be better and bigger than the former.
The great harvest is already in the process of coming in.
This will multiply and multiply.
You do not have room enough for the blessings that are on their way.
Restore, restore, restore is MY plan of blessing.
The Bride that I promised MY SON must be without spot or blemish.
This will all happen speedily.
Those who propose to stand in MY way will be removed and destroyed.
The subversion that has been taking place comes to an end now.
I am about to send the angel of death up and down through the earth.
Those who are against ME will come to an abrupt end. 
There will be many dead corpses in the streets
The crying and wailing will be heard throughout the earth.
I am restoring MY remnant.
I will restore, restore, restore.
Draw close to ME and I draw close to you.

13 November 2023

There is are elements of the political arena who are trying to make South Africa ungovernable.
They want a civil war.
They are also responsible for most of the corruption in the political arena.
However GOD has spoken against them and they will turn on themselves 
They will be hung on their own gallows
It is now the time for this to begin to happen.

11 November 2023
The world is shaking
My Prophets are doing MY bidding
Now I AM raising many of these prophetic voices to speak not only to their nations
I AM giving authority to speak to continents and to the whole earth .

This privilege is to those who have paid the price and who have maintained integrity

Some are first Prophets and then added to this the Apostolic ministry

Others are first Apostles and then added to this the Prophetic office

Now great shaking will see governments brought to their knees.
Political parties fail in the voting arena.

MY plan for the earth never changed

It is MY earth and I am taking it back from satan

This will result in satan trying to cause chaos.

The creation can never be greater than the creator.

I gave MY son a name higher than any other name
MY Son has a higher name than mine
He is the only being in existence that has the power to break the seal and open the book.
Ask ME in the name of MY Son to write your name in the book of life.

13 October 2013
Sudden, sudden, sudden,
Suprise, suprise, suprise,
Sudden, sudden, sudden,
Suprise, suprise, suprise
I have begun to shake everything that can be shaken.
Many sudden suprises as I expose:
World leaders who have been part of the conspiracy to destroy the people.
By their very nature they have exposed their nations and themselves.
I hang them on their own gallos, I hang them on their own plans.
Watch as I bring down the cartels who conspire to flees the people with exorbitant prices
I cause these cartels to implode.
I have heard the cries of the people
Many going hungry
I AM changing this.
Laws set up to destroy the family structure I make obsolete.
Watch the eruptions, earthquakes, floods and stunamies.
I AM changing everything.
Put your trust in ME, I AM your hiding place.
Stay with ME and you will be protected

6 October 2023
I do not live inside of time
You are now in the last of the last days
No matter what satan tries to prevent what I have spoken about this time to happen
MY Kingdom cannot be shaken.
Everything else is about to shake.
When satan stole from Adam satan thought he had the upper hand.
All satan got was flesh
I AM SPIRIT satan does not have the power or the ability to devour SPIRIT.
Now great shaking is happening
In the oceans
On the earth
In the Heavens
If you live in ME and MY Kingdom then you will not be shaken.
Many who play games and pretend and give false empty words will find that they have been removed.
MY servants will prevail
16 September 2023
Please read 
2 Chronicles 20:20
The winds of change have begun to blow
We have stepped into the Jewish New year
This is the year of the open door.
Pleas read
Psalm 23 follows Psalm 22
Opening doors
This is usually a bumpy ride.
GOD is taking us through change
Noah found himself in a boat
The Israelites found themselves going through a sea
The promised land was given to the Israelites however they had to fight there way in and deal with the giants in the land.
This is nothing to be afraid of.
GOD is with us every step of the way.
The time is here to inherit the promised land

24 August 2023

Fires, fires, fires.
There are strange fires that have been offered
This is not the fire from my Heaven
In the past when this was done I removed those who presumed to offer strange fire.
MY fire is an all consuming fire.
When MY Prophet took on the 450 false prophets of baal
MY fire burned up even the water
MY fire can burn and not touch what is mine as in the burning bush with Moses.
I am about to release MY fire.
In some cases everything will be consumed
This is a sign that I am renovating in that place
There is the fire that preserves 
When this happens it is a sign that I am protecting and preserving what is MINE
Because of MY grace many have not been removed
Now I am taking away grace in the places of renovation
Many will be removed who stand against ME
As I said there would be eruptions in your land
Look at the city of gold a number of eruptions have occurred
This is the sign that I am in this place 
They reported explosions and burning – however no burn marks 
The earth quake in Gauteng was the sign of change.
The future pandemic that is planned, I will cause it to remove those against ME.
As in the land of Goshen I will protect what is mine.
Now I have and I am dealing with corruption
Many will be caught red-handed and the red will fear.
I am changing the political landscape of Southern Africa.
In the near future you will see this happen.
The stench of corruption offends ME. 
I will turn this to be a fragrance to MY liking.
Many will be removed quickly.
The stalengrad tactic will become useless 
Now I am on the move in Southern Africa

22 July 2023

Words words words
Millions and billions of words.
I told Ezekiel to take dominion over the four winds and to speak into the atmosphere.
Now the atmosphere has become polluted with words.
Last year I told MY servant the prophet that I would cause eruptions in South Africa but to keep quiet about it.
Now in the news headlines you have seen the eruptions in the Gauteng area.
I am now cleaning up the atmosphere of corrupt words.
These words that were not spoken by MY prophets.
As traditions make MY word of no effect so will I make the words spoken by prognosticators, evil people and by satan in dark places, in bunkers and dark rooms – board meetings and in all the places that evil is found of NO EFFECT.
The eruptions are the beginning of the cleaning of the atmosphere of evil and flesh words.
For this reason I told MY prophet to write down the words of prophecy.
It has begun and will continue until I have cleansed the atmosphere of the false and flesh words
MY Kingdom cannot be shaken
In the same way MY words cannot be shaken or removed.

21 June 2023

The leaders have chosen to stand against ME.
They have chosen the way of Jezebel.
To take from MY remnant their inheritance.
Now I AM against those who do evil in MY sight.
As I did with Jezabel so I will do to those who are against ME
The Dogs will eat them and Jezabel by the wall.
I have given them time to repent.
This time is running out
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.
My remnant crys out to ME
How can I ignore MY remnant?
Soon the price of food will fall and My remnant will eat the good of the land.
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock time is running out.
The world is in turmoil but I am blowing though the earth.
I AM taking back what is MINE.
Many leaders will be removed throughout the earth.
Soon MY abundance will come, I will restore, restore, restore.

15 June 2023

I speak a contradiction to the satanic suggestion of stealing killing and destroying.
I speak life, healing and complete restoration.
Right now the war from Jezabel comes from the North, South, East and the West.
But I have now spoken a contradiction to this.
Those that rule will soon be removed.
This so called democracy that has been manipulated to put demon (crazy) into power is divided.
I will rule MY remnant from the highest seat in this land called South Africa
The destruction is imminent.
Do not look at what is falling
MY plans for South Africa will come speedily.
The great earthquake (with no after shocks) has happened now as the scales fall and truth takes his place, those who were deceived will begin to see the truth.

31 May 2023

As I spoke through Ezekiel about the king
Eze 28:11 And the Word of Jehovah came to me, saying,

Eze 28:12 Son of man, lift up a lament over the king of Tyre, and say to him, So says the Lord Jehovah: You seal the measure, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.

Eze 28:13 You have been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering, the ruby, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the turquoise, and the emerald, and gold. The workmanship of your tambourines and of your flutes was prepared in you in the day that you were created.

Eze 28:14 You were the anointed cherub that covers, and I had put you in the holy height of God where you were; you have walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.

Eze 28:15 You were perfect in your ways from the day that you were created, until iniquity was found in you.

Eze 28:16 By the multitude of your goods they have filled your midst with violence, and you have sinned. So I cast you profaned from the height of God, and I destroy you, O covering cherub, from among the stones of fire.

Eze 28:17 Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you have spoiled your wisdom because of your brightness. I will cast you to the ground; I will put you before kings, that they may behold you.

Eze 28:18 By the host of your iniquities, by the iniquity of your trade, you have profaned your holy places; so I brought a fire from your midst; it shall devour you, and I will give you for ashes on the earth, before the eyes of all who see you.

Eze 28:19 All who know you among the peoples shall be astonished at you; you shall be terrors, and you will not be forever.

“So now I do the same to those who have chosen to serve other gods.
I break the three stranded cord and bring to an end the stench that is coming up to my nostrils.
Now watch as I step into your fire South Africa.
My remnant has paid a high price.
Now as with Job I begin to lift my remnant up out of the dust and ashes
MY servant has reminded me of the promise I made through Zephaniah about MY remnant.
You shall indeed become a land as of milk and honey.
The false gods I now bring to naught
Those who have touched MY anointed will become as though they never existed.
When you see this in your spirit as with Jeremiah when you see well I will cause MY word to come to pass quickly.

19 May 2023

Tares and Wheat
Matthew 13:30 (KJV)
Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

Myself and a group are praying for GOD to pluck out the Tares and destroy them
The Wheat is what GOD is looking for.
We are in agreement.
We pray every day.
If the Tares want to avoid what JESUS said in Matthew 13:30
They have the option to be born again.
If anyone else wants to join us, they are most welcome.
We are not against anyone.
We are for the Kingdom of GOD.
We are praying for the Kingdom of GOD.
We are praying for the Kingdom GOD to come on earth as a witness.
Matthew 24:14

11 May 2023

As winters chill sets into South Africa
So I will bring down the funding that empowers your enemies Oh remnant of GOD beyond the river of Ethiopia.
I bring to MY remnant a sudden break through.

4 April 2023

Now is the time 
Now is the moment
I speak to my servants
Some in true apostolic ministry, some in prophetic ministry.
All that I have spoken must come to pass.
Look to Ezekiel chapter 37
Now praise ME and speak to the dead bones.
Speak into the atmosphere.
“Dead bones live” 
There is shaking that is happening in your government and country.
Now is the time to call what is not as though it is.
Praise is the key

15 January 2023

Betrayal comes from the outer fringe of the inner circle
As the temperature soars so does the political upheaval.
As the power to keep on the lights fades so does the power to maintain political power fade. 
As an attempted assassination was planed for MY servant Andre so now what has been sowed will bring in its harvest. 
As the time of deception comes look to understanding and apply Truth
When you know the truth, the truth will set you free. 
I have made a way in the wilderness for MY people. 
Put your faith and trust in ME.
I AM the Way the Truth and I AM Life. 
(This is the Word of my Lord as I heard it) 

Prophecy 2022

31 December 2022

As this new year 2023 comes so does change
Many countries will experience political change.
As the enemy has infiltrated to bring regime change, he has made a mistake, this will bring MY plans to the earth.
Many will find that the gallows they have set up for MY people will be their portion and their undoing.
What they have sowed so shall they reap 100 times. 
The jealousy and hate that is targeted at MY people from satan himself I have experienced as I deal with satan. 
So will I deal with those who have jealousy and hate towards you. 
This that the enemy has targeted you with will become a consuming fire that will destroy your enemies. 
There will be fire in the streets.
Earthquakes, snow storms, volcanos, disruptions. 
Look in the sky signs. 
On land signs 
On and in the oceans signs 
The false will be exposed. 
MY truth will prevail. 
The year 2023 will be known for the great change that comes as MY light pierces the darkness 
South Africa I have not forgotten the covenant that I have with you 
Watch and see how things will change for MY people 

14 December 2022

Change is imminent.
It is MY light that shatters the night.
Now MY light brings truth.
I have designed the truth to come out.
Truth cannot remain hidden though many will try to hide the truth. 
I do not like that wrong is called right and right is called wrong 
I AM removing what has set itself up against ME
Some my even “sleep”
Now the truth will be made known
I remove all who are against ME and my people.
This will happen quickly
I AM opening the windows of Heaven
Now it begins

02 November 2022

Change is imminent.
It is the light that shatters the night.
Now the light brings truth.
The truth is designed to come out.
Truth cannot remain hidden.
I AM removing what has set itself up against ME
Now the truth will be made known
I remove all who are against ME and my people.
This will happen quickly
I AM opening the windows of Heaven
Now it begins

15 October 2022

Many find themselves in a bitter and dark place
Hope deferred is what I hear.
Not so says GOD.
I need you to come to the end of you.
For now MY word pierces the darkness and the night.
I turn night into light.
You have found yourselves at the drying cherith brook.
I AM asking you what are you doing here?
It is time to arise and let your words pierce the darkness and bring light.
Arise shine for your time is now here.
MY plans have not changed, I have not changed.
Now is your allotted time to step into your finest hour.
I raised Lazarus and MY SON and many others from the dead
Take up your sword and engage your enemy in battle.
Shout for the battle is yours to win
This is the good fight of faith
It would not be a good fight if you don’t WIN.
“This is what GOD whispered in my ear”

18 September 2022

Four years ago GOD said that he was bringing judgment to the house of GOD.
Many great men and women of GOD have fallen and some have been removed.
Now I AM shaking my bride.
Some will not be shaken as they have aligned them selves with MY Kingdom.
The shaking will cause the garbage to fall
What is mine will stand.
This shaking has begun.

17 September 2022

(I AM) said I have called South Africa to be a sheep nation. 
MY plans for South Africa have not changed in fact MY plans for the earth have not changed. 
I have stepped into South Africa. 
I said when The earthquake causes Cape Town to shake. 
This was just the beginning 
I cannot just arrive with out MY Glory. MY Glory is part of ME. 
MY Glory is manifesting in South Africa. 
I have shaken South Africa and will shake South Africa again 
MY glory brings justice and righteousness to South Africa. 
MY remnant is about to see, hear and understand MY Glory. 
South Africa you are Mine. 
The church will find herself being shaken. 
For the church is not in righteous standing with ME. 
Do not look at what is shaken for I AM not in what is shaken 
Have you not read that MY Kingdom cannot be shaken. 
Look at what is not shaken there you will find ME. 
Now I will hasten MY word to do what I sent it to do. 
MY Word cannot return to ME without accomplishing what I sent it to do. 
Praise ME. 
And again I say
Praise ME

12 April 2022 11h22am

As I arrange the signs in the sky’s 
As the end of April becomes a reality you will see great change coming into your view 
There will be volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, signs in the sky and the earth below.  
As I bring down all that has set it self up against MY people and My Kingdom. 
I will remove those who will not bow to ME. 
I told my prophet that the floods would come 
This is the beginning of things to come. 
Fire in the streets, public buildings will burn 
Look not at what is being burned and fallen  
I AM fighting for MY remnant in South Africa  
The laws that this government is trying to put in place will cause much trouble. 
I AM bring to an end this corrupt system  
All will be brought to account for their actions   
I will remove those who are against ME and MY people 
I AM bring great change to South Africa 
I will restore all that the enemy has and is trying to take  
I no longer tolerate corruption and rebellion  
I will bring South Africa back to the place that I planed for South Africa  

31 March 2022 13:22pm

Now as I send MY light to pierce the night.
I turn your night into day
A new day is dawning
No longer will Africa be known as dark for my light is piercing and night.
The very gallows that have been erected to hang you will now be used to hang those who had planed to hang you.
Governments In Africa that have abused MY people are now being removed.
The evil laws will be hanged with those who tried to hang you.
South Africa as I burn I AM cleaning
This stench that has come up before me I AM turning into a fragrance.
As I shake South Africa again watch the change that comes
What has been taken I will restore seven times.
Those who don’t believe that this is possible – you will see it but not taste of it.
South Africa you are Mine.

21 March 2022

This shaking is more like a burp.
Normally a burp is excess air that is being removed from your body.
GOD is getting rid of excess air from South Africa.

20 March 2022

There is about to be a shaking in South Africa.
Watch this earthquake make headlines
This is a sign that GOD is busy in South Africa.

Prophecy 2021

31 December 2021

I AM bringing great change to South Africa and many parts of the world. 
Some governments will be replaced as this is a watershed moment. 
This is the year that I AM breaking Catch 22. 
What I AM doing is not limited to 2022. 
The doors that were swinging open and closed will now either be closed or open. 
The doors will be closed to evil and open to MY Kingdom. 
This is the beginning of the end of the Corona covid19 virus.  
I will keep exposing the lies and the corruption, truth will prevail. 
This is the beginning of the great falling away. 
If they turn to ME I will heal them 
The harvest begins in 2022 
I AM preparing to take up MY seat – the highest seat of this country called South Africa. 
There are other countries that I AM going to do the same. 
Great change begins to come, this change will bring fire to the streets, upheaval, and you will see volcanic eruptions, Earth quacks, tsunamis, pestilence, droughts and flooding.  
The wealth transfer is beginning; MY people will prosper in this time.  
Those that I have preserved for this time will now begin to take up their positions.  
I AM moving from the Prophetic to the Apostolic. 
This does not negate the Prophets or the need for them.  
I AM however empowering my servants 
Did I not train up and send out Apostles. 
The Apostolic ministry brought Rome to it knees.  
The evil intent is to take possession of MY earth.  
There is a time and a place for this, but it is not now.  
The evil one knows that he cannot present his world leader until MY bride is taken to the wedding feast.  
He is trying to remove MY bride before the appointed time.  
I AM in control, satan cannot change the times or the seasons  
This is in MY hand.  
The shaking will test the righter scale limits.  
I AM coming for a bride without spot or blemish.  
Great change begins in 2022.  

28 November 2021

I AM (GOD) busy exposing the lies.
Many governments will change in the near future.
I AM (GOD) breaking the catch 22 in 2022.
Many leaders will “sleep”
You have prayed that MY Kingdom come and MY will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
I AM responding to your prayers.
There is one who prays
“I make known, I speak, I declare, I command, I decree, I shout out, I prophecie into the atmosphere,
This is what I will restore.
Your house
Your wealth
Your health
Everything that pertains to you I will Restore.
Your latter house must be greater than your former house.
I Gave to MY Prophet the authority to enter the
Office of the Prophet.
As he speaks from this Office
So shall I do according to the Office of the Prophet.
This all begins now
I will not delay any longer
I have given time for repentance.
This time now comes to an end

28 October 2021

I told my servant the Apostle/Prophet.
That those who rule will be torn in two.
That elections will be called and a new party will rule.
This is not now
This will happen in 2022.
I have give My servant the Apostle/Prophet the date
I AM shaking this nation
Already there have been a number of earthquakes in South Africa
These will increase as I Shake South Africa.
I AM giving South Africa back to my Servant.

19 October 2021

The greedy have not acknowledged ME.
Now I will shake the price of oil.

18 October 2021

As the war in the heavens intensifies. 
I hear the prayers of MY bride
This is when I begin to shake the very foundations of the earth.
There is a vanguard and a black rock with many supporters.
I AM shaking these to their core.
You pray for freedom. MY Son is freedom.
On the Cross MY Son said “It is finished” 
This is when Freedom was paid for in the blood of MY Son. 
Watch and see. 

25 September 2021

South Africa I have not forgotten you.
You made a covenant with me.
It was a covenant that I ratified in Blood.
You called it the battle of Blood River.
Do you think that was be coincidence.
Not so.
You are MY remnant
I have not forgotten you
On 22 April 2017 you renewed your relationship with ME.
I have not forgotten MY remnant.
I will bring about great change to you MY remnant in South Africa.
I said Cape Town would shake when I Step into South Africa.
Those who stir up hatred and think that they are so smart, watch as I bring them down and utterly destroy them.
As I did in 2016, I brought the war room to nothing.
Watch as I begin to complete what I have started.
You will be busy as BEEs
I will destroy this that has set itself up against ME.
I speak in dark speech.
But watch as I set up a man in the seat of the president.
He will have no fear.
He will do as I instruct him to do.
He will cause South Africa to be raised out of the dust.
Once again South Africa will become the power house economy of Africa but it will be at least seven yes 7 times more powerful.
MY revival comes from Amanzimtoti to Gauteng Pretoria, Johannesburg and will go from boarder to boarder. North, South, East and to the West.
I make South Africa like gold.
I will enforce MY law of NO MORE.
Once again an earthquake in South Africa.
This time it will be when I keep MY side of the covenant that was made at Blood River.
I AM restoring MY remnant they will lack nothing
I AM done with false gods.
I wipe them out of the way of MY remnant.
Every curse is broken
Every promise I have made I AM keeping.
South Africa you are about to become a delightsome land.
A place flowing with milk and honey.

4 September 2021

You pray but it seems to be to no avail

Although it seems that your heavens are as brass

Your prayers have begun to break through to ME

I AM responding with MY light

As I pierce the night that was sent to your nation, that dark cloud that has you thinking it is night.

NO!! NO!! NO!!

I AM piercing the dark cloud of night with MY LIGHT.

Gold Stone

When good is called evil and evil is called good

When Gold is as a Stone

When poverty would take all that belonged to MY Bride

NO!! NO!! NO!!

Now I change this all around

I AM restoring the fortunes of MY People

I AM bringing corona to its knees

I expose the lies and I change fear into love and faith

As this government comes crashing down in a spectacle for all the world to see

I AM restoring the fortunes of South Africa

I have not forgotten the prayers of those who went before you

I have not forgotten the covenant made in blood with the boer

It is no accident that it is called the battle of Blood River

I have not forgotten 22nd April 2017 when My Bride made right with ME

This is MY remnant that Zephaniah spoke of

Everyone that is washed in the Blood of MY son

As I spoke to MY Prophet and said when the earth shakes around Cape Town

This is when I step into South Africa (26th August 2021)

I have now begun to bring great change to your nation and the nations of the earth

As I expose the lies and put MY David back in office

For the Trump is about to sound, watch for MY David

I will once again cause a shaking in various parts of the earth

This is the sign that I AM taking what is MINE

I AM bringing MY light to turn the night to a new day

I AM making Gold to be Gold and Stone to be Stone

Watch for the Sounding of the Trump as this marks the beginning of the new season

23 August 2021

As I Step into your world it must needs be that trouble will be prevalent.
Do not be dismayed, do not be afraid.
I AM dealing with Jezebel and the goat people
MY bride is beginning to stand up.
Now MY hand is with MY bride.
I told you that there would be fire in the streets
In all of this I have protected MY bride.
There is never peace without a war.
I will return MY David to office in due course.
I AM beginning to take what is mine
MY kingdom cannot be shaken even so you should not be shaken.
Be full of courage for I have defeated the world – even as MY son hung on a cross for the world so that whoever accepted HIM would be saved
In My spirit world this is an eternal moment. It is ever present
This is the price MY son  paid.
The great harvest has begun.
Watch as many find themselves in the valley of decision.
Again do not be afraid for I AM with you.

17 August 2021

Every true prophet will encounter Jezebel.
Jezebel is two demonic entities that work together.
They attack from the front and behind.
One is a religious entity
The other is a manipulative entity.
Jezebel can operate through both women and men. 
Do not be deceived no matter how they present themselves there will be a war. 
They make you think that you are at fault or have sinned. 
However they will attack you in the flesh (emotions and your character) 
They lie so smartly that it is difficult to deal with. 
They call fasts and 
religious ceremonies and in this way deceive you and those around you. 
They will belittle you and say things like:
You are worse than…. 
Your are just like…. 
The person may be born again etc
However they become the mouth piece of satan and prophecy negative over those that they are trying to manipulate. 
This calls for a bold approach. 
Elijah said 
The dogs shall eat the flesh of Jezebel. 
Note there is nothing spiritual even though they have called a fast etc. 
They operate in tradition. 
Tradition makes GOD’S word of no effect (useless) 
Deception and manipulation are their main weapons 
However GOD has helped us in this. 
No weapon formed against you will prosper. 
Now I prophecy that Jezabel is being exposed. 
GOD will deal with the flesh of Jezabel (the dogs will eat the flesh) 
Be bold take on Jezebel hand Jezebel over to satan for the destruction of the flesh so that the soul might be saved. 

15 August 2021

What is this stench that I smell.
It is the stench of corruption
Jacob Zuma you and the ANC you have become an abomination.
Cyril I have spoken to you but you have chosen to go your own way.
Now I bring you and the ANC to and end speedily.
Julius you and the EFF have continued to stir hate and racism.
I have sent a prophetic delegation to you in the past, But you dismissed this out of contempt. 
You have chosen to go your own way.
As with the ANC I now bring you and the EFF to an end speedily.
I AM separating between MY remnant and those who have chosen against ME.
Time is very short repent urgently
If you will not repent I will remove you.

15 August 2021

Trump did not lose He won.

The avalanche of corruption has buried truth.

However we keep praying and declare restoration

“I make known, I speak, I declare, I decree and I prophecy into the atmosphere RESTORATION – RESTORATION – RESTORATION





12 August 2021

Some days ago I put out a prophetic word that was promptly removed.
In this time satan is trying to shut up the word of Our LORD.
I was in a place they call Utopia.
I saw 12 eagles together circling.
At that time I asked GOD about these eagles.
12 is GOD’S number for Government.
One of the 4 living creatures has the face of an eagle.
HOLY SPIRIT is a prophetic eagle.
GOD is bringing about the original prophetic plan for earth.
This is from before time began, we were created to be hear in this time.
I believe time is the incubator that GOD chose to use to create a bride for HIS Son JESUS the CHRIST.
Soon this process will be complete.
We will then go into eternity future to forever be the focus of HIS love.
In 2012 a spirit of death filled the atmosphere to try and destroy GOD’S plan for the earth
Now I speak against this spirit of death – you may not touch GOD’S people (HIS Bride)
This entity is about to destroy all that is flesh. This spirit of death is self destructive – let it be so.
MY people will begin to rise up out of the dust.
They will become powerful, prosperous and awesome in beauty and love.
All that is flesh (flesh is everything that set’s itself up against GOD) will come to nothing

27 July 2021

Perhaps it is time to try and put some things into perspective.
I have for many years avoided the Prophetic.
My experience as a young person was not good when it came to the Prophetic and the Prophets of the day
However GOD had begun to work through me in the area of the Prophetic without me realizing it.
As a child I would just
 “know” things.
I did not understand or for the most part even think of the Prophetic.
I would walk into a room greet a person and GOD would say
“three months”
To the day that person would go on to be with our Lord.
I did not prophecy or even voice what I knew by the SPIRIT of GOD.
In April 1990 GOD spoke about South Africa. I did not understand what HE had whispered in my ear.
On 31 January 2020 GOD allowed me to release what HE had whispered in my ear a few weeks earlier.
This is on my website
Again I try to keep to myself most of what GOD whispers in my ear.
Sometimes I choose to speak in what is known as dark speech.
I do this for the most part to protect myself and those who are close to me.
I do not profess to get what I see and hear out correctly.
Sometimes things come out and it is very messy.
For me it is difficult to put into this earthly realm what is SPIRIT.
Having put some things into perspective
GOD Has removed some rulers out of the spotlight.
This is to confuse satan.
However what has been prophecied must come to pass if it is from the SPIRIT of TRUTH (GOD)
GOD does not in time
HE most definitely lives outside of time.
In Matthew chapter 6 we will read the LORD’S prayer.
GOD has not changed his mind about this planet.
JESUS will rule with an iron rod from Jerusalem.
This is why HIS light must pierce the dark places – where corruption and evil hides.
These things must be brought Into the light.
Do not be deceived – GOD is not mocked HE is the great creator of everything.
GOD has given us authority and power to deal with satan.
It is Time.
When JESUS saw satan Fall like lightning is was when satan started to be removed for the place that he (satan) had chosen to occupy
We are told about the prince of the power of the air.
This is in my understanding the second Heaven
This is not the third Heaven that GOD lives in.
We are supposed to deal with Satan in this area.
Read Ephesians chapter 6
I heard someone say that GOD left South Africa a long time ago.
Not So.
GOD is busy taking back what belongs to HIM.
Those who have chosen to set themselves up against GOD do so at their own risk.
Again GOD is not mocked.
In Zephiniah 3:10-13 GOD speaks about South Africa.
Verse 13 has not happened yet
Be blessed

30 June 2021

As the orange overalls are multiplied so I will, step by step bring down all that has set itself up against ME. 
I AM busy turning this stench that is coming up to MY nostrils into a beautiful fragrance. 
I AM busy rocking the flesh in South Africa  
If it is shaken then it is not MY Kingdom for MY Kingdom cannot be shaken 
Betrayal always comes from the outer edge of the inner circle – so it will be that all that sets itself up against ME will be brought down from with in. 
A watershed moment, a watershed moment, a watershed moment! 
I will lift South Africa up out of the dust  
MY plans for South Africa will prevail. 
MY Bride is being established in South Africa 
Once again MY Bride will become the voice of reason. 
satan has tried to pervert MY plans for South Africa.  No more of the false god’s that try to bring destruction. 
The moment of 666 is coming to an end 
Now I will establish 888 in South Africa 
Now is the time to praise ME and look up. 

14 June 2021

As I shook the valley of dry bones so I AM shaking South Africa.
This shaking is I MY Kingdom coming to South Africa.
South Africa belongs to ME.
MY Will is being imposed on South Africa.
This is just the beginning.
From this place I Will bring my Kingdom to the world.
MY plans for the plant have never changed.
I intend to put MY Son in Jerusalem
There HE will reign with an iron rod.
I have never seen satan succeed.
I took Noah and put him in the arc and I destroyed everything that was setup against me.
I took MY people out of Egypt with a strong hand and spoiled Egypt. 
I sent MY Son to die on a cross to redeem the world.
I can as I did before wipe out everything.
But I have chosen this time to take back what is MINE.
Watch as South Africa shakes, this is where it begins.
Eventually I will shake the whole earth
I will preserve what is MINE. What has set itself up against ME I will remove and if they don’t repent I will destroy them.

26 April 2021

Hubble bubble toil and trouble
Ticktok Ticktok
Your time is up.
I AM placing MY David in the highest seat of this land called South Africa.
Much fraud smoke and mirrors
Too many lies.
But now I AM bring the ANC to its knees
Ticktok Ticktok your time is up.

19 April 2021

As the fire rages in the South
So I have begun to make MY presence felt.
I AM busy bringing this government to its knees.
In your country there are two houses of parliament
One in the South and one in the North.
As it is burning in the South so shall it burn in the North. 
The two house parliament is prophetic as it speaks of the great division in South Africa. 
The time will come when I unite this country
The place where I will tread will be cleansed by fire first. 
The shaking that is to come will be destructive by its very nature. 
A tsunami will hit from the South-East
Then I will bring South Africa to the cross and in the North there will be a praying people who have kept the faith. 
I will honour this 
A little fire here a little fire there. 
All over South Africa a little fire here and a little fire there. 
Then I will blow on the little fires 
It will become one big fire. 
So I will turn South Africa into the place of Gold, this fire brings the cleansing to produce MY Gold. 
The clock is ticking 
tick tok tick toc. The time for the unrighteous is running out. 
Get your house in order. 
Tick tok
That which I have spoken and now is and all that I have spoken is busy coming to pass. 
Great prosperity comes to MY people in this hour. 
This time is now. 

13 April 2021

I have seen your affliction
I have seen how those who would say that they are “Christians” and others who have stolen from you.
I will bring them to their knees.
I will cause them to pay you back what they have stolen from you double.
If they refuse to listen to ME
I will take even what they have and give it to you.
They laugh and scoff at you
But the very thing they sow they shall reap 100 fold
My judgment must first come to my bride the church.
Then I will remove those who are in power and destroy them, so that they will be no more.
Have I not spoken through this prophetic voice that I will tear into those who rule in two.
I said through another prophetic voice (Kim Clement) that I would replace, replace, replace. Then I will put into the highest seat of power in South Africa a man as I spoke through another prophetic voice (Marc Bredenkamp) a man who will hold up his Bible and declair this is the GOD we (South Africa) will serve.
From that moment South Africa will experience seven (7) years of prosperity the likes of which South Africa has never seen before.
I will restore, restore, restore,
MY remnant will serve me in truth and pureness of heart.
This is all about to happen quickly

2 March 2021

I saw a puzzle piece being put into a puzzle
It was the last piece of the puzzle
I could not see the picture of the puzzle.
As the puzzle piece is fitted the whole puzzle lights up.
The light so bright that I can not look.
Then I hear a voice.
As the light pierces the night so will MY Spirit pierce the atmosphere.
I told Ezekiel to prophecy into the atmosphere.
This brought down prince of the power of the air.
My servant on the rock ledge holding MY word in his left forearm and a flaming sword in his right hand.
These are the book of peace and the sword of war.
Peace to MY people and war to MY enemies.
Time is running out – as I gave Jezabel time to repent so have I given many the same time.
Now this is over and I will remove the stench that has come up before ME.
I will put a man in the highest seat of this land (South Africa) and he will declare that I AM the GOD (of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) that South Africa will follow.
In one 24 Hour day I will reverse the government and the economy.
This will be where prosperity lives.
I will restore the fortunes of MY people.
I will destroy those who are against Me.
This will happen rapidly.
Look for the 24 hour day and see.

27 February 2021

As I begin to pierce the night in the USA so will I begin to pierce the night in SA
I have not forgotten you.
MY word cannot return to ME without having done what I sent it to do.
MY word is Spirit
MY Spirit cannot be destroyed by flesh.
Do not be dismayed or afraid for I AM with you.

14 February 2021

Now as the world sees that the enemy has failed
Now MY PLAN is well set
In history no one has ever been brought to the place of Impeachment twice.
The enemy is trying to look as if all is well.
Now the house of cards comes down
The evil one has always tried to preempt what I AM doing.
MY remnant is about to take center stage
Every curse and every spel every agenda that has set itself up against ME is coming to zero
MY SON bought this victory on the Cross of calvary.
The enemy’s kingdom is in tatters, it has come to nothing
Shout for the SHOUT of your KING is in your camp

3 February 2021

I saw satan fall like lightning from Heaven
I was caught up into space.
I saw the earth and it was covered in darkness.
From behind me came an awesome light.
The angels came past me from Heaven towards earth.
I was brought closer to the earth.
Then I saw the darkness was demonic entities covering the earth.
An angel with an awesome sword lead the angels from heaven.
With in moments
The demonic was destroyed.
I saw the light pierce the night.
I saw the chains breaking I saw the captives being set free.
Then HIS voice like thunder said.
I AM coming for MY bride.
Make no mistake she is without spot or blemish for I have wiped away the tears dirt and grime.
I have washed MY bride in the blood that I shed at the cross.
MY bride is perfect and beautiful
This is what happed in my time with JESUS the CHRIST this morning

28 January 2021

As MY Prophets have been mocked for speaking MY word
MY Prophets have stood and prayed and asked “Where are you Lord” Now I AM vindicating MY people
The rivers of finances begin to flow now
As I have flooded parts of Southern Africa so shall I flood your bank accounts
Pray until you can see it – this will hasten MY word. I AM bringing down all that sets it self up against Me.
I AM raising up everything that is for me.

Prophecy 2020

31 December 2020

As 2021 becomes a reality
So does MY bride mature and begins to take her place.
This maturity brings with it responsibility and accountability.
It also brings with it much power and authority.
Those who have remained faithful will begin to touch MY authority and power.
As they become competent I will give more Authority and Power.
Only those who do only what I show them  – nothing more and nothing less can be trusted with what I AM giving to MY bride. 
MY eagles are beginning to soar. 
(I saw 12 eagles) 
In this year I will cause many breakthrough moments.
I will cause breakthrough in your health and wealth.
I AM causing My Kingdom to come to earth and MY will to be done on earth as it is here with ME in Heaven.
I stepped out side of the church.
Now there will be fire in the streets.
Governments will begin to fall as I establish MY Kingdom and MY will on earth.
Many millions have prayed as MY Son taught you to pray.
I have never changed MY mind about what I want on earth.
I have always wanted MY Will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
There are those who have invited ME to come to earth and to bring Heaven on earth.
When this begins to happen do not look at what has fallen and been burnt up by MY fire.
I use fire to renovate
It is what has come through the fire and has become pure and holy this is MY bride without spot or blemish.
I love MY bride.
I will adorn her and give her beauty, success, honour and power.
Health, wealth, prosperity power and authority is being placed into the hands of MY true bride.
Do not look at what is and has fallen.
These had the same opportunity to choose ME.
Only those who have chosen ME are valuable to ME.
The end of this age is imminent.
MY word is full of what must take place.
Take heart for I AM with you even to the end of the age and the age to come. 
Many will watch as spectators as all that I have written comes to pass. There will be shaking  rumblings, earthquakes and volcanic activity in various places around the world. There will be tsunamis These are mostly for a sign that I AM beginning to step onto the earth. Some may be for destruction and judgement. Do not be dismayed or be fearful. Nothing will by any means harm you.
So it begins MY Authority, MY power, MY rule and MY way of doing things.
I AM sending MY anointed to Expose the false. This is the day of MY power.

08 December 2020

As I step into Southern Africa I AM removing the false 
I will rule in this place  
There are many suddenlys that are about to happen 
I spoke through my prophet Zephaniah about Southern Africa 
I Am still in the process of bring this to pass (Zephaniah 3:10-13)   
Now I address The United States of America  
Do you think that when spoke through my Prophet Joel that I would pour out of MY SPIRIT on all flesh that I did not know that I would visit Azusa Street? 
I started the out poring with a man of colour 
And through this man I have pored out MY SPIRIT on all flesh  
This was the beginning of the last days. 
United States of America I gave to MY Prophet to install Donald John Trump as president. 
Do you think that this man was not named by ME  
Do you think I have failed? 
Do you really think I don’t control what happens in The United States of America? 
DO NOT BE DECIEVED what is happening is MY doing 
I made Pharaohs heart hard  
I put the evil spirit on King Saul 
I caused my beloved servant David to rule because Saul had not kept his eyes on ME     
In 2012 I spoke through my Prophet and told you that this is now the time of the last of the last days 
When I spoke to MY disciples in Mathew chapter 24 my first words were “DO NOT BE DECIEVED” 
Many false prophets have risen as I said would happen. 
The signs are happening as I said it would. 
DO NOT BE DECIEVED all these things must happen  
This is the very dynamic that I AM using to bring about the great harvest  
The false prophets are serving the god of mammon. 
Do not look at what have fallen look at what is still standing  
MY apostle Paul said to you having done everything to stand “STAND” 
As with Gideon I do not need a large and mighty army  
All I need is already in place  
Many who have been on the back side of the desert are about to step into their divine destiny 
I have stepped out of the church and you will find ME in the streets 
I spoke in Revelation to the seven churches  
These churches have failed to reach the world that I died for  
The harvest is great  
I have given this harvest to my Prophet of the day but if he does not shape up I will give this opportunity to another  
I AM Righteous and totally Holy 
I take vengeance that is Holy and righteous  
Leave this in MY hand 
I will avenge I will repay 

22 November 2020

There is a wind of change that I have caused to blow.
I AM calling home some.
I AM putting into place my Davids with their mighty men. 
These are those who have stood when others have fallen.
Some swords have done their work other swords will rise and take the harvest.
My judgement comes quickly.
I AM removing the stench that has come up before ME. 
I am turning the stench to a beautiful fragrance. 
My servants are willing in the day of my power. 

21 October 2020

Now I have shaken this country. 
The earthquakes have come as prophesied. 
Many have found themselves in the place called stagnation. 
But no more will I (Jehovah) Hold back. 
As prophesied the fires have come. 
Now watch as I bring MY remnant under MY rule.  
The queen virus has tried to stop what I have birthed in the heavens. 
Now the children will begin to turn to ME (Jehovah) 
New wine for new wineskins  
Do you really think that I (Jehovah) cannot do what I (Jehovah) have said, this that I (Jehovah) have given with signs in the stars! 
This that satan has tried to stop and derail MY (Jehovah) plans  
The looser has not been successful. 
All that has happen is it has brought about the correct timing of what I AM doing. 
I AM doing this imminently. 
Do not be afraid I AM with you. 

13 October 2020

When the Southern tip of Africa shakes again  know that I have then entered into Africa. 
This is the sign that the very last of the last days has come. 
Then I bring the pouring out of MY SPIRIT on all flesh. 
The gates of hell will not prevail. 
I will rip out of satan’s hand all that he is clinging on to. 
What belongs to MY servants will restored to them. 
I will release the mighty wind of MY SPIRIT as I did in Acts chapter two. 
Restoration, Restoration, Restoration, this is happening now.

11 September 2020

As with America so shall it be with South Africa, Israel and Africa.
I AM invading earth. You will see many governments fall. I AM raising up my standard at this time.
This is My 9/11
NO one can stop what I AM doing.
Now is the time now is the hour

9 August 2020

There are “suddenlys” that are imminent
When a new party will rule..
This will happen in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

28 July 2020

As I woke up.
I looked at the time.
For me this is unusual.
(I don’t ware any jewelry, nor do I ware a watch)
The time 3:21 am (CAT)
As I looked at the time HE (GOD) said
Three, Two, One, GO!!!
The attacks on MY Bride has been intense.
However MY True Bride has done everything to stand and I have noted this and I (GOD) AM pleased. As with faith it is possible to please ME.
Now the victory comes for you have MY shout in your camp.
Many are the breakthroughs, also many suddenlys.
Those that have been removed from ministry, those who have been ostracized, those who have been rejected by the religious order of things, now I call you to pray as never before. Listen to MY voice for the battle is MINE and you will share with ME in the spoils of battle as a bride should.
The watchmen are at attention waiting watching and doing as commanded.
This is why you were created this is your finest hour.

23 July 2020

I AM who I AM.
I will now step into this nation called “The New South Africa”
South Africa you are MINE. Russia will not have you. India will not have you. China will not have you.
The god of this world will not have you.
In Bloemfontein you gave ME your heart. 
I AM about to remove the evil that rules over you that uses the dark to sell you out. 
This will not happen. 
Where are the watchmen? 
There will be a dramatic change. The fall of evil that resides in MY South Africa will be dramatic. I AM bring into the light what is hidden in darkness. 
Do not be shocked when this evil is brought into the light. 
It is my light that pierces the night.
My True Bride will now stand and fight for ME. 
This is however MY battle. 
I will repay the evil and take from the ungodly and I will give it to my true Bride. The Bride that I have hidden. 
This True Bride is ready and well trained. No one will be able to stand against MY True Bride as this is my decree. 
I will bring salvation to South Africa in a dramatic way. The world will look and know that I AM who I said I AM
The queen virus that I have dethroned will now give way to MY Will and plans not only for South Africa but the world also.
It is now the time for MY mighty warriors to arise. 
Now us the hour now is the moment. 
I have spoken it and MY word has never and will never return to ME without having accomplished what I Sent it to do. 

13 July 2020

I give you choice. Deuteronomy 30:19
You may look back and you may look forward 
I require that you look up. The queen virus has done her best, but I have overcome this virus. I have shown the antidote. 
Now look to the future. Praise ME. Your evil leaders practice divination. They go to false gods. Your watchmen have spoken MY word for the moment in time that you find yourselves in. As you raise your voices and praise ME. So the queen virus will retreat and fall.
I have chosen South Africa as a sheep nation. Soon you will move to a new season with a new government that serves ME. 
There will always be war while satan is still loose. 
Now his time is short. 
MY plan for the earth has not changed. In the middle of war I set up MY provision. In the war I give you peace. I AM about to rule from the highest seat in this land.
The enemy has brought you low but you are still MINE. 
Now as I raise up the Prophetic voice to this nation and to the world again. It won’t be business as usual. 
It will be a new order of things. NO not the new world order but MY order. MY remnant will again rule with honour, justice, peace and prosperity. 
Watch how quickly this will happen. I AM the GOD of salvation. Be ready for your moment is here now. 

15 June 2020

As the season changers so I will bring restoration.
Restoration to all that is MINE. Restoration to my prophetic voice. Those who have planned the fall of my prophets I have begun to expose. As the season turns and changess so I now reestablish MY covenant with my prophets. Some have mis-steped some have become silent. Now a new moment is dawning. They will be heard. The queen virus is soon to come to an end. The sheep nations are and will flourish now. Do not look at what I have burnt and am destroying. I have always kept a remnant that will stand for ME and they love not their lives even to death. They know ME. Their reward is near. 
I do not like what I See in the churches. MY Son beat this type with a whip. I AM going to the streets, the highways and byways. Some I removed from this den of sin, some have found themselves in the desert. Many found themselves alone. Now I bring restoration that will cause these to stand as brothers in arms.
The sheep nations and my remnant will prosper. I spoiled Egypt and prospered MY people. 
The pattern is the same. 
You have my shout In you in your camp. Look up, look in front. As with David MY beloved, I reestablished him and he recovered all. This I do now for MY prophets, for MY remnant, for MY bride. 
Be bold, be strong for I AM with you.

31 May 2020

I spoke through some prophetic voices. I used words like chaos, turmoil and turbulent. The people did not take note not did they accept the messenger. This that has happened, I warned but you did not notice. Now I speak again. Time to get ready – eat in hast with your staff in hand. I have made this queen virus void, empty.
Now comes restoration in a big way. Many “suddenly’s” are about to happen. Much more of the evil that has griped this planet is and will be exposed. Now time for revolution of revival. Not a move here or there. NO the people will come to their senses. As my prophetic voices asked ME to bind the mind blinding spirits and to release MY SPIRIT to show the world MY Son JESUS so it begins.
Many will answer my call
Get ready this is going to happen very quickly.

28 May 2020

JESUS is the rock of ages.
I saw the Rock not created by man. It was coming from Heaven.
It is busy crushing the Feet of iron and clay.
This is the process of GOD filling (wo)man with my Spirit. This is how I brought Rome to its knees. This is how I AM brings the new world order to its knees.
Fear not for I have overcome the world.

11 May 2020

If this prophetic voice had not prophesied against the Queen virus then there would have been a true pandemic and millions would be dead already.
However this queen virus is impotent, void and empty of power.
It only gets power from those who believe the lie that is put out by the prognosticators.

9 May 2020 Part 2

Watch I will cause the those I rule to collapse from within.
Betrayal always comes from the outer fringe of the inner circle.

9 May 2020

There is a stench that has come up before ME.
The stench of the worship of false goods.
The stench of bribery and corruption.
The stench of poor governance and failure to care for the people.
Daniel 5:22 And thou his son, O Belshazzar, hast not humbled thine heart, though thou knewest all this; 5:25 And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. 5:26 This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. 5:27 TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. 5:28 PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians. 5:30 In that night was Belshazzar the king of the Chaldeans slain.
Bible KJV
In a short moment you will see the salvation that I bring says the LORD of Hosts.

3 May 2020

As I was praising and praying
I found myself in a spiritual habitation.
An army standing to attention.
The battle dress perfect, swords ready
The horses agitated being held back by the riders.
All ready to go at the command of our King.
HE spoke softly
“We are almost ready just waiting for MY father’s command.
We are given a task to invade and take over this land called South Africa.
HE spoke to me about things that are mine to do.
More than that I may not share at this time.
The virus is so easy to eradicate. It will disappear as quickly as it came.
The prophetic declaration that it is void and empty of power has come from our KING.
Almost now.
Wait for HIM.
The hosts of Heaven are about to invade our land and the world
HIS Kingdom come and HIS Will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven.

14 April 2020 Part 2

As I take this queen virus down.
The sheep nations will recover first
I start with America, South Africa and Israel.
Watch and see WHO is in charge
Many millions have prayed MY prayer.
Do you think I did not notice.
I saved these prayers for a time such as this.
While the earth has been shaken, I have not been shaken.
When hell thought they had crucified MY Son, do you think Heaven was shaken.
No this was the defining moment in your History and eternity past, present and future.
This cleared all of humanity’s debt of sin.
It set the bride of my son free.
I am not finished with those who choose to defy and oppose ME.
MY KINGDOM is coming on Earth as it is In heaven MY House.
MY Will being done on earth as in Heaven.
Watch and see the salvation of MY people.

14 April 2020

Many are shaken.
The essence of truth is that truth set’s you free.
The truth is that those who have acknowledged that JESUS is MY Son and have accepted JESUS MY Son as their saviour should not fear. The difference between those from “Goshen” and those from “Egypt” is who they serve.
I have chosen South Africa as a sheep nation.
The attack from hell on South Africa I now bring to an end.
I will remove what does not align with ME. Those who have failed to do as I commanded.
I will replace, replace, replace. I will have one in the highest seat of this land South Africa, who will call upon ME and MY Name.
South Africa will once again serve ME.
I will South Africa to prosper as never before.
The queen virus is now becoming useless and devoid of power.
I speak to MY servant Donald Trump.
As I AM destroying this virus curse in South Africa so I AM now doing for Americans.
I have chosen America as a sheep nation.
Your economy will bounce back stronger than before.
Donald will serve a second term.
This term will still deal with the hidden agendas.
This term will be more successful than the first term by a long shot.
Many will call on MY Name and be saved.

2 April 2020

As I was praying.
GOD whispered in my ear.
This virus came suddenly and in a few months brought the world to its knees.
This queen will fall and disappear as quickly as she came.
I have made a distinction between the people of Goshen and the people of Egypt.
The plague will effect Egypt. The people of Goshen will see it, it may even come near the people of Goshen. They are MY people.
I have given them my name. They will be victorious.
I AM using this to bring about a wealth transfer. The ungodly have stored up for MY people and I will take from the ungodly and give to MY righteous ones.
This will bring the revival that I have spoken of.
My people will not suffer loss in fact they will prosper. At this time I will remove failing government and expose those who have taken what does not belong to them.
Promotions will come quickly.
The land issue I will sort out MY want.
I gave this country to MY remnant the same as I did for Israel.
The new party is about to show it self.
When those who rule are torn in two, elections will be called and this party will rule.
On 20 1 20 17 I asked MY Prophet can a nation be born again in a day.
Because this Prophet believed ME I promised to cause this to happen on his Birthday.
On 22 April 2017 South Africa gave me her heart. It was MY remnant in Bloemfontein.
I have not forgotten
What I have started I will complete.
No one left behind.
Watch and see how this Country turns around.
Watch the prosperity that I have planned come to MY remnant.
Now is the time now is the hour.
Praise ME, watch and see.

28 March 2020

The clock is ticking.
Soon the trouble and turmoil will begin to show in the streets.
The beginning of the end of government is at hand
I will raise South Africa out of the dust
South Africa you gave ME your heart on 22 April 2017.
I have not forgotten.
I want the true South Africa to prosper.
I AM not entertaining those who follow other gods
They are not my remnant.
My people who follow ME and Love ME – MY remnant.
These are those that I AM raising up now.
I will put a man in the highest seat of this land who will follow MY commands and walk in my ways.
When he is in that seat I (the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob) will be acknowledged as the true GOD of South Africa.
Then you will have peace and prosperity that this country has never seen before. This virus is manipulation of those who would try and destroy what is MINE.
It (virus) shall not succeed in destroying MY remnant.
Watch as I bring salvation to South Africa and then the world.

19 March 2020

The KINGDOM of GOD can not be shaken.
If we are in this KINGDOM we should not be shaken.

10 March 2020

This will not hit the remnant of GOD.
For they are armed for this pestilence
GOD has made a distinction between the land of Goshen and Egypt.

19 January 2020

So shall I defeat your enemies.
I cause fear to be the portion of your enemies.
With a shout I am taking back what is MINE.
Watch and see how quickly things will change for you.
I am stepping into Southern Africa.
I am fighting for my remnant.
The battle is MINE.


Prophecy 2019

31 December 2019

Many are speaking of the obvious for 2020 but I speak of change.
In the past I gave MY WORD.
I gave MY bride the opportunity.
Now I step into this season.
I am sovereign.
I gave Adam to have dominion.
This was lost to satan.
I sent MY son to take back what Adam lost.
Now in the last of the last days, I as the only GOD now take back what belongs to ME.
I now begin to step into South Africa.
I step into the USA.
I step into Israel.
After this I step into Africa.
I take what is MINE and MY glory comes to South Africa, USA and Israel.
The earthquake has happened, the trigger is doing it’s work.
The South African government is on its knees.
They search in false places for false truth.
This can only then be a lie from satan.
South Africa shakes.
What I said in 1990 is happening.
Watch what I will bring out of this nation – South Africa.
Donald is my chosen one to lead the USA.
You stepped into the office in the year of any wars.
I have chosen you for this tie as you have no fear.
Chaos must do its work.
Impeach?? Not so.
I have work for you to do.
You are sounding the Trumpet.
America will bow to ME.
Revival is on its way.
Israel, oh Israel my chosen nation to bless the nations.
This year I AM the revival that comes to Israel.
I have those who have not bowed the knee to satan.
Some have stumbled but I will raise them up again.
Watch what I have chosen to use.
Those in obscurity – MY unseen bride. Those who the builders have thrown aside.
I will make them MY capstone.
Now with 2020 vision that I given to MY unseen bride – watch as this nation turns to ME.
Watch as I bring RESTORATION and healing.
Watch as I turn the debt to prosperity.
Now is the time.
Arise! Go in this might of yours.
MY shout is in your camp.

24 December 2019

The year 2020 is when revival begins for South Africa. By the year 2022 South Africa is going to be a very different place from the South Africa that we find ourselves in at present. Most political parties are flat lining. You will hear and see their destruction.
At present their is no political party that GOD wants to use.
A new party has to be birthed. The ANC and EFF will become obsolete.
GOD ordained that there would be a multiracial South Africa. (Read Zephaniah 3:10 – 13)
From South Africa as prophesied in 1990( I was this prophetic voice) GOD is burning through South Africa. Don’t look at what has fallen and is burnt. Look at what remains standing. This is what GOD is going to use to bring about the great South African revival. 
From this place (South Africa), it will spread to the world.
Gird up your loins, be ready, be alert. 
2020 Vision is here.
2020 Great things will happen in South Africa.

27 November 2019

I see a tsunami happening, there are old cars from the 1950s that are caught in this event. 
The tsunami is not meant for destruction but for a sign that revival will come to every part of the world.

27 November 2019

Those who presume to dictate are about to find themselves being brought down.
I am removing this destructive hindrance. 
The corruption that resides in the unions will be exposed.
The three stranded cord is not easily broken, however now it has frayed to the point of destruction.
This will come quickly, watch and see.
I have better plans and prosperity in mind for you, the business owner, I have a better working environment planned for you.
The witchcraft that has been prevalent will destroy itself, it will burn out.
I am loosening the bonds that bind, that would try and destroy you.
Not any more, the cord is frayed and it will break shortly.
This is a quick thing I am doing for MY people. 

27 November 2019

The three stranded cord that is not easily broken is frayed and it will break.
It will break shortly.
I have chosen to do this quickly.
I am setting my remnant free.
I will not allow MY remnant to be destroyed.
They are MY chosen ones.  I love them with an everlasting love.
They are mine.
NO NO NO, it will not be business as usual.
Now comes MY prosperity.
There will be chaos for a short moment.
This war must happen.
Then comes all that I promised you.

19 October 2019

There is something that is about to happen.
The war that you find yourself in comes from the North, South East and West.
But suddenly it comes to an end.
It is MY light that now pierces the night and exposes the darkness.
All that was lost is now being restored seven times in this lifetime,.
Some of your foes become friends.
Loss becomes prosperity.
All the garbage is exposed.
There are some you thought to be your allies, they will be exposed.
Keep your focus on the King of Kings.
Praise is the key.
For I live in the praises of my people.
I have spoken, so shall it be

17 October 2019

Out of Nothing from nowhere, it will begin to rain.
As suddenly, I (GOD) will turn this nation around.
As I did with Donald Trump, so will I do with South Africa.
Watch and see and bow your knee and worship ME.

10 October 2019

About 1h30 am.
The wind is blowing.
In the heavens the war is raging.
On Earth, chaos.
People have tried to persuade me to think differently
The time before our LORD returns is short.
Christian leaders are falling away as prophesied.
The great falling away has begun to happen.
Those who are not focusing on JESUS the CHRIST are losing their way.

Leaders are following the god of mamon.
They are coming in the name of JESUS and are proclaiming that JESUS is the CHRIST, yet they are deceiving many.
However it is not possible to deceive the elect.
The winds of change on earth are blowing.
The Kingdom of GOD is coming to earth as it is in heaven.
To those who love HIM, He whispers in my ear,
“They will be saved”

HE has spoken judgement over those who would disobey and try to deceive.
I see millions in the valley of decision.
I pray that these make a good solid decision to be part of GOD’s Kingdom.
HE says do not be deceived.
This is the birth pains that bring about the KINGDOM of GOD on earth.

30 September 2019

Now says the Lord our God.
The war that comes against Donald Trump from the north,
south, east and west comes to an abrupt end.
The lies are brought to the light.
The garbage exposed.
The very gallows that were set up for Trump will be used to hang those
who set them up.
This will cause Trump ratings to rise dramatically.

11 September 2019

Awakened by my LORD.
Should we weep and beg?
Do we take HIS word or do we waver.
GOD is not shaken by your circumstances.
HE holds everything in the palm of HIS hand.
HE knows what it is like to be you.
As you see the fire in the streets as prophesied by Kim Clement in the early 1990s
What you see is the war in the Spirit for South Africa.
The war comes from the North and the South, the East and the West
Now this war comes to an end as JESUS takes hold of HIS remnant. 
The watchmen of the night are praying but they are few.
Flesh is everything that sets itself up against GOD.
On the Cross even the flesh of the CHRIST was crucified.
In three days JESUS was raised from the dead.
JESUS now has a body that is SPIRIT.
2020 brings with it revival and salvation.
In the next three years watch as South Africa is rise out of the dust to serve the living GOD.
I speak a contradiction to the satanic suggestion for South Africa.
South Africa you will live.
All the catch 22 issues are now destroyed.
Now a new thing is happening. 
On 22 April 2017 MY remnant turned to me. On this day the heart of this nation called to ME, I heard from Heaven.
Now the changes come and they come quickly prosperity for my remnant is happening. As in the USA so shall it be in South Africa.

2 September 2019

When Robert Mugabe dies, this will start a counter revolution in Zimbabwe.

It will bring about a new ruling party that has the interests of the people of Zimbabwe as heart.

Leaders have played the land issue and anti colonialism to the point of destruction. This is coming to an end.

2 September 2019

The ring of fire will once again shake. From New Zealand to the Philippines.
GOD is showing the birth pains.
This Will cause revival to all the nation’s affected by this shaking.

18 May 2019

Words, words, words.
So many words against my Prophet.
No more, MY law of NO MORE.
As MY Prophet gave up his platform and pulpit I chose to open up another door for him
This will put the world at his feet
The place and those who chose to speak against my Prophet will be put to shame.

18 May 2019

GOD is in control.
This president has not done according to GOD’S instruction, therefore he will be removed speedily.
GOD will not contend with those who choose not to do HIS will.
So the clock is ticking
Tick tock tick tock tick tock your time is up.

29th April 2019

A DAVID will take down the Goliath. It may happen sooner than you think.

7th April 2019

Due to the worship and sacrifice to other gods by those who would rule.
A vail has been setup.
This has caused those who rule to become arrogant.
Now the SPIRIT of the Living GOD says ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH. The remnant of MY people who have prayed who have stood in the gap, I (GOD) have heard their intercession and prayer.
Now I am bringing change.
Great change comes to South Africa.
As I (GOD) begin to remove the vail that tries to hide MY truth so it is that MY truth will prevail.
I am setting MY people free.

14 March 2019

My righteousness will prevail in the land issue in South Africa

15 February 2019

South Africa, South Africa. As you watch the destruction that is coming. Chaos in your finances. Chaos in the financial realm. Chaos in your universities. Chaos in your government.
This is to get your attention. When the earthquake comes I will open the eyes of the people. They will begin to see truth. The lies will be exposed. Truth will always prevail. For I am the GOD of truth and my kingdom cannot be shaken.
I am(Jesus) about to expose those who have set themselves up to lead this nation to destruction.
This is my nation. I will rule from the highest seat of this land.
I have ordained prosperity for you. The minions have tried to silence my chosen Prophets. They have said slow down the people are not with you. Not so. My people are with me. They move when I say move and the hold when I say hold. 7000 thousand I have preserved who have not bowed the knee to satan.
With Gideon I only needed 300. I only needed a David to bring about my rule in Israel.
David and his 30 mighty men caused the world to shake.
I am about to do this again.
MY Son who trained up 12 men who began to shake the foundations of Rome. Do not think that mighty weapons are needed
All that is needed is my word.
I will re-establish my servants who have stumbled due to jealousy.
This time MY word will be in their mouths.
Equally MY Spirit will be in and upon them.
Watch for the earthquake as this is the starter gun, say now run and conquer everything that is in front of you.

20 January 2019

Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Once the bread basket country. But you rejected ME.
You chased away my chosen remnant and you followed false gods. Now the sword of destruction is doing it bit to bring you to your knees.
When will you turn from your false gods and come to ME. I AM(JESUS) the author of Peace, Provision and Prosperity .
As with Zimbabwe so with South Africa. You speak with the dead but you don’t speak with ME.
You follow after the god of “forefathers and divination”
South Africa will you also wipe out MY remnant. I think not. I have made a distinction between what is mine and those who serve the false.
Once again I am(Jesus ) bring down that which is false and establishing MY truth.
Millions in South Africa serve ME.
Now is the time that I will establish those that serve me and bring down what does not serve ME in Spirit and in truth.

13 January 2019

GOD whispered in my. This is happening repeatedly.
Now is the time that many of my promises that I have made to you concerning you will come to pass. In this year a great shift is taking place. I will cause an earthquake in southern Africa as a sign that I AM doing this.
I am (Jesus) bring the prosperity that you need to complete the work you have to do for me.
Now is the appointed time


31 December 2018

As we step into 2019. This is going to be a year when great change begins. This change will continue into 2020 and beyond. The attack from the dark has been intense. Many of MY servants have suffered much. I have made a distinction between the land of “Goshen” and the world. The shaking that has come to MY House is not complete. However I have chosen to restore those who have a heart for ME.
It is this remnant that I have chosen. They will rise with a new energy and commitment to ME.
MY bride is ready for battle.
Now is the season that I will restore, restore, restore.
This will not be a restoration as in the past this time I will bring MY Kingdom on earth as in Heaven.
Many of the prophetic utterances that you have received will begin to come to pass.
I have planed this in a way that will confuse your enemies.
For those who have chosen to chase position over my will things will not be so rosy.
Those who have chosen to touch my anointed ones it will be a bad season.
For those who have been set up for a fall they will rise with healing in their wings.
It’s time for a new wine in New wine skins.
The way things were done in the past will no longer be the order of the day. I AM(JESUS) changing MY bride and calling her to worship in Spirit and Truth.
A new sound and a new way of serving ME.
Much of what has been lost will be restored.
Now is the time I have chosen to do this.
I have spoken and so it shall be.

18th December 2018

As our Lord would He showed me the following. A great earthquake that will hit South Africa. This is both physical and Spiritual.
This is a sign that great change comes to South Africa.
In the next 2 years you will begin to see the change that I require. As I did with the Philistines MY Angel’s will march in the atmosphere and MY enemies will turn on them selves and destroy each other.
This will cause those who rule to be torn in two. Then elections will be called and a new party will with me as their leader guiding them from the highest seat of government in South Africa will rule.

10 December 2018

God whispered in my ear. As this year draws to a close. Many of My warriors have been hurt. Deception has played its part. Now I will deal with deception in a new way. No longer will deception have the power it had in the past. It will become easier to discern and deal with deception. I am(Jesus) giving my wounded warriors a special form of discernment. Truth will prevail and grow stronger. MY Kingdom is coming on earth as it is in Heaven. Truth, justice and righteousness is becoming firmly set to take center stage in the lives of MY elect. Many of my wounded warriors will again stand to fight for MY Kingdom. I have an eternal everlasting love for my wounded warriors. I will not leave them behind.

At 10h00am on 18th November 2018

Now I will begin to cause the prophecy that I have released through my Prophets to happen. This starts today

08 November 2018

GOD whispered in my ear.
South Africa you will live, you will rise above the satanic suggestion of destruction. I AM(JESUS) my name through all the ages. I AM setting you South Africa up for great prosperity.
I AM bringing down those who would destroy you. I will expose them to the utter most and in many cases even destroy them.
South Africa you will live, prosper and have peace.

6th November 2018

From today GOD is making a distinction between the bride of Christ and the world. Those who pray, give tithe who’s hearts are towards GOD will see how GOD protects them.

14 October 2018

As I watch the gallows that are set up to destroy MY righteous ones. I have determined that the very ones who have constructed these gallows. They will them selves be hanging on the very gallows that they have built.
I have spoken so shall it be says our Lord.

27 September 2018

This morning I saw lighting come from Heaven and strike at the heart of the current ruling party of South Africa.

31 August 2018

I see the setting of the timing( a clock). That seems abstract and out of place is now being aligned – as the ratchet clicks again we will see the demise of what has set itself up against GOD and HIS people. Suddenly things will click into place.
Those who have been rejected by the Church will now become the capstone that GOD created them to be
Their true worth is about to be shown.
Great change comes to South Africa. Now the King of Kings will replace and replace until He finds one that will do HIS will.


6th August 2018

There has been and is a concerted attack on the bride of Christ from the dark side. This attack includes health wealth and relationships.
Now this is what the Spirit of God says.
I will restore.
Your health is being restored.
Your wealth is being restored
Your relationships are being restored.
I am(Jesus) bringing judgment on MY House.
I require a living sacrifice.
As I restore you the doors for ministry will open.
The revival that must come is beginning and I require new wine-skins as I am poring out new wine.
I Am bringing change to South Africa.
That, that is will be no more.
A new order is being birthed. I AM about to demonstrate My power and glory.
My people will be willing in this day of my power.

09 July 2018

– August 10th 1987 I died and found myself in a place we call heaven.
This does not make me holy. Only GOD is holy. It did help me to understand that I can be in right standing with GOD.
We call this righteousness.
I got to understand that GOD loves us warts and all.
I got to understand that righteousness is not sinless perfection but that I can sin less.
My mission is to bring people to understand that GOD loves them just as HE made them.
This requires that I love people in the same way.
Be blessed


29th June 2018

-Today 29th June 2018 as a man called by GOD to stand in the place of
an Apostle. Please read Zephaniah chapter 3 verses 10 through 13
Having submitted to oversight as an Apostle I now declare and decree.
South Africa belongs to the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Those who have chosen to resist GOD will find HIS judgement to come swiftly.
Do not touch MY anointed do them no harm.
For what you choose to do to them will multiply 7 fold and return to you

1 June 2018

– As Samson did so shall I do says GOD All Mighty. The fire starts in
the place of the sweet waters.
I have sent My Warriors to this place – they are waiting for My
command. I will open the door just as I planed. Once the fire is
burning in Amanzimtoti. The foxes will run throughout this Land. Then
I will send them throughout the earth and My Fire will burn throughout
this planet. Did I not say that I would renovate this planet with
My Servants will not fail or be dismayed for I have established them
and like My Kingdom they will not be shaken. Great signs and wonders
will come from them.
Millions in the valley of decision will accept My Son.
I am(Jesus) about to shake this planet as it has never been shaken. Much
turmoil will come because of what I AM doing.
Do not be dismayed or fear. I AM(JESUS) is at work. Those who would try to
take MY remnant and destroy them will find that am fighting for them.
My Power and Glory will be displayed. None will stand against ME says GOD.


6 May 2018 9:55am

– This is what I heard HIM say.
As North and South Korea take hands and begin to work towards unity as
spoken of thorough my Prophet Kim Clement. Suddenly the revival that
has been spoken of to my servant and friend Moses will begin to happen
in Amanzimtoti. The shifting of East and West Africa is a sign that I
am dividing between the goat and sheep nations. As I begin to take
hold of what is mine there will be chaos and trouble. Do not be
deceived. My word will not return to ME with out accomplishing that
which it is sent to do.
Do not look to what is falling and what is being burnt.
Look at what remains standing. This is what I am(Jesus) going to use.
Those who rule but have not done as I commanded them. They will be removed.
I AM(JESUS) will rule from the highest seat in this land.

March 28 2018

28 February 2018

– From the beginning of March it will begin to rain in all the drought
stricken areas of Southern Africa. By the end of March the shortages
of water will be over

4 February 2018

There is one that has played games and made abuse of my Love and Grace. I have given him time to repent, but he would not. He has been stubborn and arrogant. Now I will remove him speedily. Those who have been party to support the corruption and theft will find themselves in a dark place. I can no longer allow the destruction of what is Mine. This is the time for restoration. I would have blessed this man had he repented and turned to me with his whole heart. He has refused and now My Judgment will come swiftly.
Tick tock, tick tock JZ your time is up. Once you are removed I will bring healing to my remnant. The streets of South Africa will be full of what I am doing. This moment is now.

23 January 2018

Prophecy 2017

25th May 2017

In the year of wars MY remnant gathered together and repented.
I heard from Heaven.
This was the turning point for my remnant that are on the South side of the river of Ethiopia.
Even in a democracy MY will is displayed.
I am turning things around for MY Remnant.
Your hospitals will be restored.
Your currency will be restored.
Your economy will be restored.
You will be restored.
I have RESTORATION on my agenda for South Africa

03 April 2017

When those who rule are split in two. Elections will be called. Then I will take back what is MINE.


Prophecy 2016


Word from The Lord 22/04/2016

April is a month that GOD set aside to expose and reveal things.
This is the start of GOD favor on the right standing GOD called ones.
We will watch it but it won’t hurt us.
Prayer warriors let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem and welcome GOD into our country.

23 January 2016

22/01/2016 Prayer warriors. The Petrol Price Puzzle.

Oil Prices are at their lowest in 12 years, but our rand is not performing well.

In January 2004 oil cost $ 37.66 a barrel.

Now it costs only 30.44 so the price should have come down a bit, right?

Well, in 2004 the Rand / Dollar exchange rate was about R 6.73 to a Dollar.

Now the Rand is around R 16.39 meaning a barrel of oil costs R 498.91 compared to R 253.45 when oil was more expensive.

In January 2004, a litre of petrol cost R 3.69 at the coast.
Compare this to R 11.94 now. This means that the oil price only in creased by 49.2%

Our petrol costs have mysteriously escalated by at least 223%

Has the government been bleeding citizens dry?

Why are we paying well above oil price related fees when we should only pay around R 5.00 per litre?

Let us take all the extras that have been added to the petrol tax portion of the petrol price we are still paying too much per litre.

We should still not be paying more than about R 8.00 per litre.

While there are many strikes and most are asking for salary increases to help gain a reasonable living the issue is actually the cost of getting to and from work.

For most people this is around 40% to 60% of their salaries.

The strikes are aimed as the employer when it is the government that is taking more than what is reasonable from the people of South Africa in excessive tax.

Toll roads are another issue altogether but still the problem.

After having great success when praying for rain. Let us thank and praise our Lord.

Let us now pray about the price of petrol and excessive tax.

We prayed and our GOD has heard and is answering our prayers just look at the weather for cast for this weekend.

Lets thank and praise GOD.

Let us take heart and ask GOD to deal with the corrupt ones and the excessive petrol price.

Our GOD is listening. Praise HIM.Where there is corruption you will find poverty.

Prophecy 2015

17 December 2015


Hi Prayer Warriors. I have been asked if I have a prayer program or prayer plan.

How I understand to pray

I start out with thanksgiving, praise and worship. (Ps 100:1-5)

Until I sense the presence of GOD. (Psa 22:3)

I enter GOD’s Presence through the Blood of Jesus. (Heb 10:19)

Our prayer requests:
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Ps 22:3)

Pray for those who are over you so that you may live in peace (Heb 13:17)

Then I pray what I sense is required. (Php 4:6)

Then I pray in the Holy Spirit until I have both the substance and the evidence. (Heb 11:1 Romans 10:10)

Then I praise and worship GOD and I prophecy what our Lord has shown me into the atmosphere. (Ezekiel 37:9-10)

Then I close off with thanksgiving, praise and worship. (Psa 22:3)

You can never get to close to GOD.


Prophecy 2013


The War Room   April 2013

There has been an all out attack on the Leadership of the Bride of Christ
Seems that most of our Leaders have suffered an attack of some form
The attack has been directed at the perceived soft spot of our Leaders.
This is an old tactic whereby the best way to stop an army and win a war is to ‘take out’ the leadership.
This has not worked. All it has done is to strengthen the leadership and army of our Lord.
Our true ‘Captain of the Hosts’ has once again confused satan
I saw some time ago a ‘war room’
On the ground floor, all the tables on which a model of the battle field was made.
Above, the gallery where all the battle planers were looking down and watching as the battle was taking place.
The battle was going well for satan and he had left the gallery and was walking between the tables watching his plans and how these plans were proceeding. There was a smirk on his face as he watched.
Then suddenly a strange rain began to come down that ‘rained’ right through the roof.
The rain is drops of blood.
As the drops of blood touched the model of the battle plan it began to burn.
As this started to happen I saw satan’s face turn from a smirk to absolute horror. As his battle plans went up in flames. Satan was pulling his hair out and screaming in total dismay as he was being defeated.