Sydney N Mitchell - Author, Ministry Builder, Prophetic Voice

About Sydney - Reshan 888

Sydney Mitchell is a prophetic voice in South Africa and he has been instrumental in the building of many ministries throughout the country. He has studied God’s Word for over 30 years and believes in the fundamental principles of discipleship.

Reshan 888 is the name Sydney received from God, who mandated Sydney to go out into the world and preach the transformative message of Jesus. Sydney is devoted to sharing not only his own prophetic messages but also other prophetic voices.

Sydney has authored a book “The King and His Kingdom” which dives deep into the message of Christ while conveying to us the type of lifestyle we as Christians should embrace, to enable us to live a fuller and more God pleasing existence.

Sydney's Keynote

“God can take your Mess and turn it into a Message. Let God in and you can change your life forever no matter what’s happening in your life right now, God can change your story, nothing is impossible for Him. He can use your life to show others His Glory and reach the world.”

The King and His Kingdom by Sydney N Mitchell

An insightful book about Kingdom Principles that bring about Kingdom Results.  Discover answers from places you would least expect them. Spiritual Authority and Kingdom principles are explained, backed by scriptural references and firm examples to enable you to live a life that is pleasing to The King and His Kingdom

I am greatly honoured to have met and interacted with Pastor Sydney an author, preacher and leader full of wisdom. The last time we hosted him was indeed a life transforming experience. He navigates through some very interesting aspects of leadership and my prayer is that we raise more leaders of the same mind.

Apostle Davidson Mulea, Praise and Miracle Centre Tembisa

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